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Hosted Telephony – Benefits

James Passingham – MD of Foehn, introduces some of the business benefits of modern Hosted Telephony services.

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Leave behind the hassle of hardware and those costly maintenance contracts and benefit from some of the following by moving to Hosted Telephony from Foehn;

arrow_blue Subscription Pricing Model

  • No capital outlay in purchase, installation and configuration of an on-site PBX
  • Select a new number from any city code range irrespective of location
  • Much improved cash flow for the business
  • No ‘lock-in’

arrow_blue Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Only pay for active users. No need to invest in licences for growth that are currently un-necessary.
  • No network operator exchange line rentals required.
  • Lower call tariffs.
  • Free calls with the user community.
  • Automatic Upgrades - no need to rip and replace of your whole system every few years.

arrow_blue Minimal IT Support Required and Admin Made Easy

  • Phones arrive pre-configured so all you need to do is plug and go.
  • Using our easy interface you can simply move, add or change users.
  • Let users manage their own features from their own PCs - even less for you to do!

arrow_blue Business Continuity and Security

  • Floods or fire...if anything happens at your offices or your remote sites - your communication system carries on as normal as it resides in our fully redundant and secure data centre.
  • Low risk, phased migration with Foehn's team of expert professionals. First we install a fully working system so you can check everything is all sorted before you make your final decision to go live.

arrow_blue Flexibility

  • Move, add & change extensions & dial plans through a web interface.
  • Take advantage of automatic upgrades. There's no disturbance or extra costs to you of scheduling on-site upgrades.
  • Home and remote working is catered for. All users need is broadband access to the Internet and access your system IP address - either by handset or softphone. Letting them stay in touch and in business where ever.
  • Choose What Is Right For You
  • Our Hosted VoIP telephony is built on open standards meaning that you have the choice as to what sort of handset you choose.


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