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Asterisk PBX

Foehn expertise and open source advantage

Foehn expertise disrupts established industries with Asterisk PBX.

Open source communications offers real alternative to proprietary solutions that are in the market today, be it Android phones versus the iPhone, Linux, versus Microsoft Windows, or MSQL versus Microsoft Sequel Server, what is known as the lampstack, such as Linux, Apache, MSQL and Perl is what the internet runs on today.

Foehn has deployed the Asterisk PBX for businesses for over 18 years.

We are Digium’s Premier Select Partner and have more experience deploying, integrating and customising open source Asterisk systems than any other company in Europe. As a trusted provider with up-to-date DCap accreditation, you can be sure you are in safe hands with Foehn.

Not only do we have the ability to create individual dial plans, but we can integrate with other systems using the Asterisk Management Interface.

Asterisk consistently pushes the boundaries of what is expected of a cloud PBX, in terms of quality, reliability, scalability and functionality.

Your choices with the Asterisk Advantage

Foehn have implemented Asterisk PBX systems for over 18 years

Voxivo. Open source made intuitive.

The most intuitive, powerful cloud phone system at your fingertips. Easy to use for staff and supervisors with superior call control and reports.

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Foehn – hosted telephony and and phone systems for SMEs voxivo user portal
Foehn – hosted telephony and and phone systems for SMEs voxivo user portal

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