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The Customer

Founded in 2001, A-Bomb is a specialist music strategy consultancy and music production and publishing house providing composition, supervisions and sound design to advertising agencies and brands. The company has created advertising campaign soundtracks for clients such as Nike, Sony, Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker, and Adidas.

A-Bomb had previously been using a Voice over IP (VoIP) provider for its telecoms services, but the company’s experiences were less than satisfactory for A-Bomb co-founder and director, Peter Challis.

The Challenge

“We were six months into our contract and came to realise not only that the company and its services were shockingly poor and unreliable, its customer service was atrocious,” explains Peter. “Running a professional business like ours, we couldn’t allow it to continue so I decided to search for other VoIP telecoms providers who could provide a more reliable and professional service.

“We still wanted an IP set up that would provide us with more than what you typically get from a traditional telecoms supplier like BT, but obviously we had to get the provider right.”

A-Bomb’s studio is situated in the basement of a house in Pepys Road in South East London, with Peter and his partner and fellow A-Bomb director, Augusta Quiney, living upstairs. “We needed a phone system that would interchange between the studio and the main part of the house so that we were contactable in either,” explains Peter.

The Solution

Peter’s search revealed a number of potential VoIP telecoms suppliers. Among them was independent managed communications provider, Foehn, which had been recommended to Peter by Digium, the Asterisk open source telephony software company.

“I gave them a call and was put in contact with an account manager,” says Peter. “It was clear to me from the outset that they knew what they were talking about – these were no amateurs. In setting up the new system, my contact with Foehn was entirely over the phone and they made it all very easy.”

Because A-Bomb already had hardware in place from a previous telephone system, it didn’t make sense to do away with everything. “There was no point in designing everything from scratch,” says Peter, “we simply bought some new phones, and with the support and guidance from Foehn everything was up an running in less than an hour.”

Foehn assigned two numbers to the telephone system, one for the A-Bomb studio – with two extensions – and one for the house. A-Bomb was also able to retain a London ‘Soho’ telephone number, which Peter explains is “recognised as being important to some people operating in the creative music sector.”

“Apart from having good service and a phone system that’s reliable, we can configure it ourselves because the Asterisk software is pretty much self-explanatory. Our experience of Foehn has been very good indeed and I would thoroughly recommend them to other companies.”

Peter Challis, Co-founder and Director of A-Bomb

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