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Accumulus Consulting was founded in 2001 by Geoff O’Shea and provides financial advice to private individuals, employers, charities and trusts.  The company’s office is situated in Weybridge, Surrey, but several of the firm’s team members work remotely.

During its formative years, Accumulus had a traditional BT telephone system, but the company decided to switch to VoIP (Voice over IP) in 2006.

“We could see the benefits of VoIP such as lower costs, flexibility and the ability to retain the same phone number, and the Internet was becoming more resilient as a platform,” says Geoff O’Shea.   “I had a friend who was using a VoIP provider, so we decided to run with that supplier.  However, we really should have shopped around because we had all sorts of technical difficulties and service levels were poor.”   

When Accumulus expanded and moved office again, Geoff agreed to upgrade the telephony with the existing provider.  However, despite making a considerable investment, it soon became clear the system was not fit for purpose and he decided it was time to search for an alternative supplier.

“We looked at several VoIP providers,” comments Geoff, “but all of them wanted to force us down the Cisco route with expensive new phones.  None would consider the equipment we’d already invested in.”

Fortunately, the company providing IT support to Accumulus recommended, Foehn, the Richmond-based communication systems integrator.

“Foehn were very helpful and flexible, responding much faster than other providers and understanding immediately that we wanted to retain our existing telephony equipment as part of the solution,” explains Geoff.  “They listened to us and tailored their solution accordingly, so we decided to proceed with them.”

Installation of the new telephony system was on time and, in Geoff’s words, “executed with military precision!”

He explains: ”They liaised with BT and our IT company and had an engineer onsite to oversee everything.”

“Our new system works well and does everything we need it to do,” concludes Geoff.  “Any member of the team working remotely can simply plug in their headset to their laptop and function as if they were working in the office.  The quality is good and Foehn customer support is very responsive.

“In business you do business with people you trust and like and that has been our experience of working with Foehn.”

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