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In business since 2000, The Fully Furnished Group is the UK’s leading interior solutions provider to the residential property market, providing design, delivery and installation services to private individuals through to the largest property porfolios.

The company is situated on two main sites: its head office in Ascot, Surrey, and its distribution hub in Walsall in the West Midlands.

Communication between these offices and with customers is a crucial daily part of the Fully Furnished business operation and the company relies on its telephone system to make and receive calls, often in emergency situations.

“Over the years we’ve had a few different telephony systems, partly because we have tended to move from one office to another every two years or so as the company has grown,” says Chris Russell, Operations Manager for Fully Furnished.

“We had a hosted Cisco telephone set up when Voice over IP began to become more popular and we relied on this for a while.  Eventually we outgrew this system – it was also costing a lot of money to maintain and the functionality was nowhere near what we needed as the company expanded rapidly.”

Chris adds that the platform was also unreliable and the company could not make changes to the configuration.

“We didn’t have features such as auto-response and a “Welcome to Fully Furnished” message facility, yet it was clear that we needed greater functionality to support our operation,” explains Chris.

In 2010, Fully Furnished decided to make a change.

“There was a significant update required on our existing system which provided the impetus for us to look at introducing a new telephony system that was far more modern and nowhere near as costly,” says Chris.

Communication with the outside world and between sites was more important than ever for the Fully Furnished team, as Chris explains: “We are the largest supplier of furniture to properties when emergencies occur, such as flooding, and customers rely on us to deal with them quickly and efficiently.  We needed a reliable telephone system that could intelligently handle and route calls as this part of our business is mission critical.”

He adds: “At our head office in Ascot, we have a sales team and account managers that deal regularly with customers and, again, we needed a robust system that would support our team members.”

To find a new and more appropriate telephony solution, Chris undertook some research and reviewed several potential suppliers.

“Price was an important factor, but above that we really wanted a feature rich system that would fit exactly with our operational requirements and also give us a level of future proofing for any additional needs,” explains Chris.  “Foehn were one of the companies we approached and they were very quick and efficient with their response.”

The system proposed by Foehn would provide Fully Furnished with a host of features and a high degree of flexibility to support the company’s business communications requirements.

“One of the beauties of the telephony system we have in place now is that we can configure it exactly to what we need, when we want,” explains Chris.  “We don’t have to wait for a supplier to make changes for us and we can make those changes ourselves quickly and efficiently.

“Calls between our sites are free, which is a bonus because colleagues do have a lot of contact with each other in the course of a day,” adds Chris.

The company has also noticed a massive leap in reliability.  

“We have never had a call dropped and there has been virtually no downtime,” says Chris.  “And even if we did require support, it’s good to know that Foehn has a highly capable team which provides an out of hours support service.”

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