Cloud – Enabling the fastest solution for your business communications

October. 05, 2018 posted by Foehn

How long ago did you replace your phone system?

For most small businesses, five years might be a typical answer. Surprisingly, though, we discover quite regularly businesses still using systems of ten or more years old. These are often digital, pre-cloud systems using office-based hardware, connected to the public network by ISDN channels. Invariably, installation was a slow and painful process, often incurring problems and business down-time. That’s why the mere mention of a phone system replacement can bring a worried expression to the face of a business manager today.

Similarly, the idea of installing a new contact centre can be enough for some managers to lose sleep. Again, memories from the past, typically involving integration of hardware and software solutions plus a temperamental CRM system, have left their mark.

Thankfully, with the simplicity of cloud hosting and SIP-enabled connectivity, experiences like these are not necessary today. Cloud-based phone and contact centres can be configured, tested and deployed quickly and without disruption to business operations.

The software, built on API and micro-services architecture, can be integrated and bespoke to business requirements whilst an intuitive interface design makes user engagement and training a quick and simple process. Even after implementation, ongoing administration and configuration can be achieved easily by users and managers in-house. (For example, take a look at our Voxivo cloud phone system)

Testament to the speed of cloud communications deployment are the recent experiences of two of our clients.

Communique is a dynamic, small business operating in the highly-charged environment of event planning where detail, deadlines and reliable communication is paramount. With an existing fibre connection in place, deployment of our Voxivo was a simple ‘plug and play’ process. Following a simple deployment session taking less than half a day, the new system serving fifteen users was operational instantly, without disruption and without interfering with ongoing business. After deployment, the cloud-based system also offered the prospect of simple scalability should new employees or even a new office be planned for this growing organisation.

Ceredigion County Council is one of the unitary authorities of Wales providing the public with diverse, often crucial services requiring flexible but responsive customer support. The deployment by Foehn included installation of the Genesys Purecloud system, setting up hosting and data centre services, provision of SIP channels and delivery of professional services. Within a short period of six weeks, the system was in service and the team of new agents operational. Immediately, the new system was configured to manage two queues and ten call flows, with skills-based routing set up to minimise queues and provide best quality advice to the caller. This rapid implementation had negligible impact on day-to-day operations, minimal demand on client resources and immediate impact on the quality of service delivery to Ceredigion residents.

Voxivo is a system with simplicity built-in at every opportunity and this is fundamental to achieving a trouble-free installation. More generally, though, the implementation of any cloud communications should be straightforward and rapid when supported with the right skills and experience. Read the full case studies here