Omnichannel Cloud Contact Centre

For enterprise call centres, modernising business processes and platforms to support an omnichannel customer experience is a key differentiator to drive better business results.



Increase customer satisfaction and improve brand loyalty by linking your customer journey through all touchpoints.

Ensure your contact centre agents have the knowledge of all previous interactions to effectively address the reason for a customer contacting your company again.

For seamless, cost-effective, modernisation of call centre solutions, there are 5 primary considerations.

Quotation MarksWe've been deploying, integrating and supporting Contact Centre Solutions for over 16 yearsQuotation Marks

The key benefits

  • Apply advanced routing to omnichannel interactions
  • Create IVR flows quickly and easily with a visual, intuitive interface
  • Personalise outreach with proactive campaigns and notifications
  • Leverage operational visibility to track and fine tune every aspect of performance
  • Boost agent productivity with CRM integrations
  • Add new capabilities and manage users with minimal IT involvement
  • Plug into other apps and cloud services to meet any customer need

Why Foehn?

  • We have deployed and integrated contact centres for over 16 years
  • We have an unrivalled ability to integrate with third party platforms
  • We offer a transparent pricing guarantee
  • We offer highly competitive call rates
  • Our helpdesk is staffed by engineers who understand the technology inside out


The award-winning Genesys omnichannel services, PureCloud, and Pure Connect combined with Foehn’s cloud contact centre expertise, ensures that contact centres get the most innovative technology, along with superior deployment and integration services. As a Genesys Gold Partner, Foehn is fully accredited to sell, service and support PureCloud and PureConnect.