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PCI compliance

Discover how to comply with taking payment card details

from customers over the telephone

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an information security standard developed by major payment brands to ensure safe handling of credit and debit card information. If you are making transactions with customers over the phone, your business must protect payment card data in line with PCI DSS.

Non-compliance can affect your business in many ways – high financial and legal costs, loss of customer base and worse still, bad reputation. However, PCI compliance can be complicated to implement and manage. Which is where Foehn can help.

Foehn’s solution

Whether you have implemented a contact centre, a phone system or even an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Foehn’s cloud-based solution ensures that your business is fully PCI compliant. This is achieved by preventing customers’ payment card details from entering your system or being accessed by your employees, thus removing your business from the scope of PCI compliance.

How It Works


Customer calls pass through Foehn’s PCI compliant SIP channel to contact centre agents


Agent launches the secure payment capture page for payments


The customer types in their payment card details using their keypad, while the agent only hears beeps and sees *s. The agent and customer can still communicate with each other


Agent proceeds with the payment which passes through to the business’ Payment Service Provider (PSP)


After the payment completion the call progresses as normal

Benefits of PCI-DSS compliance

Ensuring PCI compliance in the contact centre

As payment card details do not enter the contact centre, your obligations to comply with PCI DSS are dramatically reduced

Better customer experience

Customers are not redirected to other applications and the entire payment process can be completed within the same conversation with an agent making the customer experience seamless

Higher efficiency

Agents need minimal training and can guide customers with the process (without seeing the card details), thus making agent experience easier and payment transactions faster

Multi-input capability

The solution allows customers to provide their card details through their keypad or using their voice thus giving them the flexibility of entering card details

Ease of integration

Foehn’s PCI solution can be integrated into existing contact centre call flows and therefore, causes minimal operational disruption

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