Product Features

  • Supervisor Control

    Improved performance

    With Voxivo CX, supervisors have direct control over the performance of their agents, from pausing and unpausing agents to joining and coaching for improved performance.


    Visual Dial Plan Editor

    Drag and drop

    Creating or updating your dial plan is simple with Voxivo’s intuitive, visual ‘drag and drop’ dial plan editor.


    Real Time Monitoring

    Wallboard & real time monitoring

    Wallboard for your contact centre

    View real time business critical metrics on Foehn’s wallboard so that you never miss important information from your contact centre. The wallboard is responsive to different screen sizes for easy visibility.


    Real time monitoring of your agents

    Monitor status of your agents, skills, calls in progress and important metrics. You can also view timelines of active calls by the minute, to view how much time has been spent by agents talking to a customer versus time on hold.



    Historical reports

    Voxivo CX provides a range of historical reporting tools to provide an in-depth view of your contact centre performance.


    Downloadable reports

    You also have the option of downloading contact centre reports for further analysis or to share with your colleagues.

    Scheduled CX reports

    This is a flexible scheduler feature that allows users to set up scheduled reports for colleagues or senior management. You can schedule minute-by-minute, hourly, daily or monthly reports depending upon your needs.

    Build your own dashboards

    Voxivo CX dashboards are easy to set up and customise. Simply create a new dashboard and start adding widgets depending upon the metrics you would like to see.




  • CX Administrator Control Features

    4 Levels of Permission-Based Access

    Administrators have full control and can set permissions levels for Supervisors, Reporters and Agents ensuring employees have access to the specific capabilities they need.

    There are 4 different levels of access to the Voxivo CX contact centre. This provides or denies capabilities to users. It is also possible to provide multiple levels of access to a user. Access levels are for:

    Administrators – Responsible for system set up

    Supervisors – A supervisor can also be an agent. Supervisor has access to real time information on agents, interactions and skills

    Reporters – A reporter has access to historical reports including dashboards, reports and scheduler functionality

    Agents – They can make or receive calls

    CX Supervisor Control Features

    Real Time Monitoring

    As a supervisor, you have the ability to stay on top of your contact centre using a range of tools. Supervisor tools to support your agents improve and provide a better customer experience.

    Monitor your contact centre on a minute by minute basis and view real time information of agents, queues and calls.

    Monitor, Whisper, Barge

    You can support and train your agents with this feature. You have the option of silently monitoring a call, whispering to an agent to guide them on a call or even dropping in on a call to speak directly with a customer.

    Pause, Log on/off Agents

    Supervisors have the controls to pause, un-pause, log on, log off agents from queues.

    CX Call Routing Features


    Route calls to the right team or agent according to your own business rules. Enable your customer to clarify their needs for a more personalised service.

    Our system allows an IVR to be configured to route calls to different departments, hunt groups, specific numbers or even mailboxes. In addition, the custom schedules capability ensures that a business can cater to calls on any day and at any time including holidays and after business hours.

    Queue Management

    This feature allows you to efficiently deal with call traffic peaks without losing important customer calls and projects a professional image of your business. Instead of getting an engaged tone, your callers are answered automatically and held in a queue.

    While they are waiting for a staff member, they can receive personal messages or greetings and music. You can set up call queues in Voxivo and adjust various parameters such as announcements, hold time, announcing queue positions etc.

    Skills-Based Routing

    Skills-based routing directs callers with appropriately skilled teams, so you can ensure every customer gets to speak to the right agents.

    CX Reporting & Monitoring

    Multiple Dashboards

    CX provides a range of reporting and real time monitoring tools to provide an in-depth view of your contact centre performance.

    CX dashboards are highly visual and useful in deriving meaningful insights into different aspects of your contact centre. Find out which agents are most productive, which queues are performing better as compared to others and the overall performance of your contact centre amongst other metrics.

    CX comes with a set of pre-built dashboards, which give a view of agents, queues and call performance as well as the overall call centre performance.

    Some of these dashboards are:

    • Contact centre performance dashboard – This dashboard gives a performance overview of various aspects of your contact centre including skills, agent and calls
    • Agent dashboard – See a comparative view of your agents against important metrics such as average call duration, Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR), calls answered etc.
    • Skills dashboard – Compare your queues and see how they are performing with respect to call load, average wait time, abandoned calls etc
    • Calls dashboard – This dashboard focuses on metrics related to inbound and outbound calls

    Custom Dashboards

    CX dashboards are highly customisable and easy to set up. Simply create a new dashboard and start adding graphical widgets depending on the metrics you would like to see. CX provides approximately 100 graphical widgets that can be viewed in a table, bar graph, line graph or pie chart.

    Downloadable Reports

    You also have the option of downloading reports which can be used to share with colleagues or to further analyse contact centre data.

    Schedule CX Reports

    CX has a flexible scheduler feature which allows users to set up scheduled reports for colleagues or senior management. Schedule minute-by-minute, hourly, daily or monthly reports depending upon your needs.

    Real Time Monitoring of Your Agents

    Monitor status of your agents, skills, calls in progress and important metrics. You can also view timelines of active calls by the minute, to view how much time has been spent by agents talking to a customer versus time on hold.


    View real-time business critical metrics on Foehn’s wallboard so that you never miss important information about your contact centre. The wallboard is responsive to different screen sizes for easy visibility.

    CX Agent Functionality

    Agent Panel

    Agents and supervisors use the same desktop, but access different screens and functions based on their permissions.

    • View interactions details – Agents can view details of the interactions handled by them. Details include type of call, time of call, skill, campaign, outcome assigned to the call, duration etc
    • Leave / join skills – Agents also have the option of joining or leaving skills that they are assigned to. They can join/leave one skill at a time or join/leave all the skills
    • IM supervisors – Agents can send a message to a supervisor if they require immediate assistance on an interaction

    Call Management Features

    Call Forwarding

    Divert calls to another number, either an extension, external phone number or mobile number. Give users the flexibility of working anywhere.

    Attended Call Transfer

    Users can transfer their calls to another extension or department. This feature is particularly useful when people need to explain what the call is regarding before they transfer.

    Blind Call Transfer

    This feature allows users to transfer a call to a ring group or another person without speaking to them first.

    Call Waiting

    Users can get a notification of an incoming call when they are busy on an existing call. This makes it possible for users to be aware of important calls and they can choose to either answer the call, and put the current call on hold, or reject the incoming call.

    Caller ID

    Caller ID feature displays the name of the caller on your handset, so you can identify the call before choosing to answer or reject the call.

    Hunt Groups

    The hunt group is a group of extensions to which calls can be sent in order to locate an open line when a call comes in. This feature can be used to distribute calls from a single phone number to multiple extensions. This helps in distributing a large volume of incoming calls amongst different team members. e.g. Sales, account management and customer service teams.

    Voxivo makes it easy for you to set up hunt groups right from the admin portal. You also have the option of including external numbers in your hunt groups.


    The Voicemail feature is helpful for users to access messages from calls they are unable to answer. Voxivo provides mailboxes for individual extensions as well as for groups or departments. Users can view, save, forward or delete their messages. They also have the option of receiving message alerts via email with the audio message attached.

    Mailboxes can also be configured to work with your IVR set up. You can send calls that you receive during holidays or after business hours directly to mailboxes, so you never miss important calls.

    Employees can set up their own custom voicemail greetings through their handset.

    Voicemail to Email

    Voicemail to email provides users with an email notification of new voicemails. Users get to know about the number of the caller, the time of the call and the duration of message. Additionally, users can choose to attach audio messages with the email.

    This feature is very useful to quickly revert to your voicemails as it does not require you to dial into your mailbox. As the audio message is attached with the email, important messages can be filtered out and call-backs can be prioritised.

    Collaboration Features

    Instant Messaging (IM)

    Voxivo provides smart collaboration tools for teams to always stay connected and work more efficiently.

    The Voxivo IM feature allows users to send instant messages to their contacts. Chat history is also available. This is helpful in quickly getting in touch with your colleagues for quick questions, queries and messages. You can chat one-to-one or with multiple parties.

    Contact Management

    Contact management allows users to create and manage their own contacts directory. Users have the option to add contacts from the corporate directory or create their own contacts.

    Users can also directly dial a number in their contacts list from within Voxivo. This can be done using Click-to-Call functionality.


    Voxivo’s presence feature allows users to instantly view status of their colleagues – whether they are available, busy or away.

    Conference Room

    Conference calls provide a way for multiple parties to participate in the same conversation. With Voxivo, you can set up multiple conference rooms for different teams and also password protect rooms to prevent unauthorised access. It is also possible to assign account codes to conference rooms.

    Video Conferencing

    Have one to one or multi-party video conferencing sessions in high resolution.

    File Transfer

    Send and receive files to and from your contacts.

    Meetings Rooms

    Set up meetings 1-to-1 or with groups. You can share meetings using the link to email or even via SMS.

    Screen Sharing & Whiteboard

    Use screensharing and whiteboards to strengthen communications and collaboration in meetings.

    User Portal Features

    Extension Settings

    Voxivo gives employees the ability to manage their extensions as they prefer, via their own user portal. A range of features are available including the ability for users to change their own voicemail settings, set mobile twinning and view their call logs.

    Users can set up preferences for their extension settings including changing then voicemail pin, set up phone twinning and change voicemail to email settings.

    This feature empowers employees and reduces the burden of phone administration on admin and technical teams.

    Phone Twinning

    This feature makes an incoming call on the user’s extension ring multiple extensions or devices at the same time or sequentially. Users can enable this feature and set up multiple devices from their user portal. For example, when a call comes in, a user can choose to ring their desk phone, home phone and mobile phone either at the same time or one after the other to ensure they never miss a call.

    This allows users to work anywhere, so they can answer calls and also keep their personal mobile number private.


    Click-to-Call allows a user to make calls on a phone number in the user’s contacts, call logs, as well as anywhere on the web, simply by clicking on the phone number.

    This increases efficiency as users can dial directly from screens, without having to key numbers in softphones or desk phones and removes the risk of incorrectly dialled numbers. This can also result in a higher number of outbound calls for sales organisations as they can focus more on selling.

    Call History

    Users can view inbound, outbound and missed calls in their call logs. This feature is useful in tracking date, time and duration of calls, and returning calls by using click to call by simply clicking on the numbers.

    Search & Call Recording Retrieval

    Users can search, view, listen to and download their call recordings from their user portal. This feature is helpful if a user wants to review an important conversation.

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