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20th July 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic altered lots of things, many of which are now part of how we do business. Contact centre operations not least. Forcing agents to commute and packing them…
25th June 2021
If you missed our webinar on contact centre evolution for BPO’s, you can now watch it back on demand. What was covered? How can BPO’s gain an competitive advantage to…
22nd June 2021
Changing up with cloud-first strategy Arvato enables agents to work securely from anywhere, speeding up…
18th June 2021
Speaking with our customers it’s clear omnichannel communication is getting ever more popular. Most have…
11th June 2021
  • CX in retail: Experience is the new branding.
  • Empathy in CX: The importance of the human touch.
  • Migrating platforms: Crossing the bridge to next-gen customer engagement.
  • Future-proofing your CX: Tech that puts your customers first.
  • First contact resolution: A barometer of customer retention.

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