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Voxivo Features

  • Administration Portal

    Complete control

    Complete control of all the key elements of the service, from creating new extensions to managing costs.


    Visual Dial Plan Editor

    Drag & drop

    Creating or updating your dial plan is simple with Voxivo’s intuitive visual ‘drag and drop’ dial plan editor.


    Dashboard & Analytics

    Deeper understanding

    Immediate access to the key factors influencing the cost of business communication. Dashboards for at a glance KPIs and analytics for deeper understanding of cost and performance.






    Closer teamwork

    Harness the power of your people by enabling closer teamwork with Voxivo’s collaboration features.



    Work anywhere

    Work anywhere and never miss a call. Have access to your phone system settings and maintain call control on the move.


Voxivo Full Features

  • Administration


    With Voxivo, you have an easy-to-use administrative portal enabling you to set up and configure your entire telephone system.


    Visual Dial Plan Editor

    With the intuitive dial plan you can quickly react to the changing needs of your business.

    The dial plan editor has a graphical interface and works by connecting phone system elements together to illustrate the way you engage your callers.


    Admin Dashboard

    Admin users have access to a dashboard used to track metrics, call logs, balance and other key data points. Some of the metrics that can be viewed are call traffic, number of online users, extensions making maximum calls, remaining balance, ASR.

    Admin Dashboard_

    Reports & Analytics

    The built-in reporting and analytics help analyse call transactions, in and outbound, as well as call recordings. Keep track of outreach by sales or customer service agents, track most frequently called numbers and average handling times.


    Auto-enrolment of User Extensions

    Supervisors can create user extensions for employees through the administration portal without the assistance from IT teams.

    For every extension, you have the option of assigning them to hunt groups, queues and extension teams. Assign DDIs, configure voicemail and set up call recording preferences for each extension.

    Auto Enrollment of User Extensions

    Call Detail Records (CDR)

    CDRs record all calls, made or received by users including date and time, duration, direction, source, destination and cost. Filter the CDRs or sort them by attribute.

    Call Detail Records CDR

    Outbound Dialling Permissions

    Setup custom dialling permissions for outbound calls, for a single extension or group of extensions.  Restrict users from dialling expensive premium rate number or block outbound calls out of hours.

    Outbound Dialing Permissions

    On Demand DDI Provisioning

    DDIs can be selected for an extension directly from the administration portal. You can select DDIs for any geographic region in the UK. An extension can be assigned multiple DDIs.

    You can also port any existing number to Voxivo and associate it with an extension, hunt group or queue.

    On Demand DDI Provisioning

    Call Recording

    Call recording can be enabled for an extension by default or on-demand. Calls can be sorted or filtered based on date, duration, source or destination attributes.

    Call Recording

    Custom Schedules

    Schedules are part of the dial plan editor and enable incoming call flow based on when the call is received. Define schedules based on the time and day of the week or date range and route calls accordingly.

    Some example schedules are pre-configured e.g. The bank holiday schedule updates yearly automatically.

    Custom Schedules

    Feature Codes

    Feature codes are a pattern of keypad digits that provide a method of accessing specific features when dialled by users on their phones.

    Example feature codes:

    1. Pick up call in a group

    2. Pick up a call directed to an extension in a group

    3. Access voicemail

      Features Codes

    Account Codes

    Account Codes are billing labels applied to cost items such as extensions or calls. Useful for allowing costs to be apportioned to multiple departments in the business.

    Account Codes

    Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/Auto attendant

    Greet callers with recorded greetings and direct them to the right person based on their IVR selection.

    The IVR can be configured to route calls to different departments, hunt groups, specific numbers or mailboxes.  Used in conjunction with schedules the IVR can be closely aligned to the needs to the business where services are determined by the date or time.

    Multi level Interactive Voice Response

    Extension Teams

    By assigning extensions into logical groups, permissions can be granted to numerous extensions at the same time. E.g. international dialling permission.

    Extension Teams

    Real-time Call Cost Estimates

    As call transactions are invoiced monthly, keep track of any un-billed call costs by using the real-time call cost dashboard.

    *Please note that the costs are only estimates and the actual costs are only calculated at the billing stage

    Real Time Call Cost Estimates

    Automatic Phone Provisioning

    Voxivo handsets supplied by Foehn are pre-provisioned, just plug and dial. Automatic phone provisioning makes rolling out handsets quick and easy.

    Automatic Phone Provisioning

    Custom Feature Development

    Customer scripts are available to each customer based on need. Built by Foehn, customer scripts can help you voice-enable critical business processes or integrate with legacy applications.

    *This is an optional feature which can be developed based on additional customer needs.

    Call Management Features

    Call Forwarding

    Divert calls to another number, either an extension, external phone number or mobile number. Give users the flexibility of working anywhere.

    Call Forwarding

    Attended Call Transfer

    Users can transfer their calls to another extension or department. This feature is particularly useful when people need to explain what the call is regarding before they transfer.

    Attended Call Transfer

    Blind Call Transfer

    This feature allows users to transfer a call to a group or another person without speaking to them first.

    Bline Call Transfer

    Call Waiting

    Users can get a notification of an incoming call when they are busy on an existing call. This makes it possible for users to be aware of important calls and they can choose to either answer the call, and put the current call on hold, or reject the incoming call.

    Call Waiting

    Caller ID

    Caller ID feature displays the name of the caller on your handset, so you can identify the call before choosing to answer or reject the call.

    Caller ID

    Hunt Groups

    The hunt group is a group of extensions to which calls can be sent in order to locate an open line when a call comes in. This feature can be used to distribute calls from a single phone number to multiple extensions. This helps in distributing a large volume of incoming calls amongst different team members. e.g. Sales, account management and customer service teams.

    Voxivo makes it easy for you to set up hunt groups right from the admin portal. You also have the option of including external numbers in your hunt groups.

    Hunt Groups

    Call Queues

    This feature allows you to efficiently deal with call traffic peaks without losing important Customer’s calls and projects a professional image of your business. Instead of getting an engaged tone, your callers are answered automatically and held in a queue.

    While they are waiting for a staff member, they can receive personal messages or greetings and music. You can set up call queues in Voxivo and adjust various parameters such as announcements, hold time, announcing queue positions etc.

    Call Queues

    Static and dynamic agent capabilities

    You have flexibility when adding agents to a call queue. Static members are always logged in to the queue to take calls whereas dynamic members can log in and log out of the queue as per their availability.

    Using this feature, you can ensure members are available to take customer calls but at the same time have the flexibility to dynamically increase or decrease number of agents depending on agent availability, busy call periods or seasonal events.

    Do Not Disturb

    During busy times you can set this feature. When this feature is set, your phone will not ring when there are incoming calls.

    Music on Hold

    Voxivo gives you the option to play recorded music when your callers are put on hold. There is an option to upload pre-recorded music files or choose your own.

    Custom Message Recording

    You can record custom messages for callers which can be used as greetings or to provide important information or updates about your company. This feature allows you to provide a more personalised message to customers rather than standard recorded messages.


    The Voicemail feature is helpful for users to access messages from calls they are unable to answer. Voxivo provides mailboxes for individual extensions as well as for groups or departments. Users can view, save, forward or delete their messages. They also have the option of receiving message alerts via email with the audio message attached.

    Mailboxes can also be configured to work with your IVR set up. You can send calls that you receive during holidays or after business hours directly to mailboxes, so you never miss important calls.

    Employees can set up their own custom voicemail greetings through their handset.

    Voicemail to Email

    Voicemail to email provides users with an email notification of new voicemails. Users get to know about the number of the caller, the time of the call and the duration of message. Additionally, users can choose to attach audio messages with the email.

    This feature is very useful to quickly revert to your voicemails as it does not require you to dial into your mailbox. As the audio message is attached to the email, important messages can be filtered out and call-backs can be prioritised.

    Hot Desk

    Your employees can use a shared phone at multiple locations to log into their own extension with access to their voicemail, settings and other features.

    This can improve efficiency, reduce additional hardware costs and increase flexibility for staff so they can work at different offices.

    Missed Call Notification

    Users can get notification of calls that they have missed. Missed calls can also be accessed from Voxivo call logs.

    Three-way Calling

    With three-way calling, a new call can be added to an existing two-way call. This feature is useful when you need to include a third person in an existing discussion.

    Speed Dialling

    Speed dialling allows you to quickly dial a number with fewer keys without having to look-up the phone number, saving you time.

    Call on Hold

    An existing phone call can be put on hold to take another incoming call. This helps users in taking important calls while their number is in use. This feature can be used with music on hold to make call hold time for callers more pleasant.

    Pickup Groups

    Pickup Groups

    Pickup groups make it easy to answer calls that come in on group members’ extensions when the other members are not available to answer. This can be done from a user’s own handset.

    Pilot Numbers

    Pilot numbers are internal extensions that help in routing to a different part of your dial plan or extension/department. This is especially beneficial for large organisations.

    For example, if calls need to be routed temporarily to customer support teams, pilot numbers remove the need to route calls externally at DDI level and therefore no charges are incurred. Additionally, there is no need to replicate customer support level dial plans (which would most likely require another dial plan) as pilot numbers can be used to send calls directly to this part of the dial plan.

    The main benefits offered by pilot numbers are cost savings at DDI level and time and effort savings for IT teams as existing call flows can be re-used.


    A directory is a list of all employees in the organisation used while setting up a company’s dial plan. When someone calls a company, the directory feature allows them to search for an employee by the first name, last name or both. This means a caller can reach an employee even if they do not have their direct number.

    Collaboration Features

    Instant Messaging (IM)


    The Voxivo IM feature allows users to send instant messages to their contacts. Chat history is also available. This is helpful in quickly getting in touch with your colleagues for quick questions, queries and messages. You can chat one to one or with multiple parties.

    Contact Management

    Contact management allows users to create and manage their own contacts directory. Users have the option to add contacts from the corporate directory or create their own contacts.

    Users can also directly dial a number in their contacts list from within Voxivo. This can be done using Click-to-Call functionality.



    Voxivo’s presence feature allows users to instantly view status of their colleagues – whether they are available, busy or away.


    Conference Room

    Conference calls provide a way for multiple parties to participate in the same conversation. With Voxivo, you can set up multiple conference rooms for different teams and also password protect rooms to prevent unauthorised access. It is also possible to assign account codes to conference rooms.

    Video Conferencing

    Have one-to-one or multi-party video conferencing sessions in high resolution.

    File Transfer

    Send and receive files to your contacts.

    Meetings Rooms

    Set up meetings 1-to-1 or with groups. You can share meetings using the link to email or even via SMS.

    Screen Sharing & Whiteboard

    Use screensharing and whiteboards to strengthen communications and collaboration in meetings.


    User Portal Features

    Extension Settings

    Users can set up preferences for their extension settings including changing the voicemail pin, set up phone twinning and change voicemail to email settings.

    This feature empowers employees and reduces the burden of phone administration on admin and technical teams.

    Phone Twinning

    This feature makes an incoming call on the user’s extension ring multiple extensions or devices at the same time or sequentially. Users can enable this feature and set up multiple devices from their user portal. For example, when a call comes in, a user can choose to ring their desk phone, home phone and mobile phone either at the same time or one after the other to ensure they never miss a call.

    This allows users to work anywhere, so they can answer calls and also keep their personal mobile number private.

    Click to Call

    Click to call allows a user to make calls on a phone number in the user’s contacts, call logs, as well as anywhere on the web, simply by clicking on the phone number.

    This increases efficiency as users can dial directly from screens, without having to key numbers in softphones or desk phones and removes the risk of incorrectly dialled numbers. This can also result in a higher number of outbound calls for sales organisations as they can focus more on selling.

    Call History

    Users can view inbound, outbound and missed calls in their call logs. This feature is useful in tracking date, time and duration of calls, and returning calls by using click to call by simply clicking on the numbers.

    Search & Call Recording Retrieval

    Users can search, view, listen to and download their call recordings from their user portal. This feature is helpful if a user wants to review an important conversation.

    Help Section Features

    Help Section Features

    Voxivo includes a knowledge base which helps customers learn how to get more out of the features of their phone system. This includes frequently asked questions, ‘how-to’ guides and video tutorials. This section is constantly being updated to help you get the most from your Voxivo phone system.

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