Deliver better for less with IP Telephony

Significant savings of up to 40%
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Significant cost savings

With the public sector under increasing pressure to reduce costs, ICT is one area where organisations are making savings and improving efficiencies. Find out how your telephony choices can support your ICT Strategy.

Foehn can provide you with better telephony for less by saving up to 40% of your overall phone system costs. A modern IP telephony system from Foehn delivers far more flexibility and features than legacy telephony systems and at a considerably lower financial outlay.

The open source Telephony solution for government

Foehn is a leading communication systems integrator, delivering IP telephony and contact centre solutions to the private and public sectors. We are an innovative, flexible and attentive SME and what makes us different is that we are passionate about Open Source technology. It enables us to provide innovative solutions that are more feature rich, easily integrated and cheaper than the proprietary platforms from legacy multi-national vendors.

  • Network Services framework (RM1045) Supplier
  • G-Cloud 9 Supplier
Asterisk and Open Source

Public Sector Buyer's Guide to Cloud Phone Systems

The aim of this Buyer’s Guide is to provide information, guidance and valuable tips to consider including the use of open source technology, when making the decision to move to cloud telephony. This guide also sets out how a modernised communications infrastructure can significantly reduce overall telephony running costs with the right system in place.

Local Government Ombudsman Case Study

Keen to improve service delivery and value for money, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) and the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) have made significant productivity and efficiency gains since implementing a new cloud telephone system from Foehn. Furthermore, since moving to the new system, PHSO is saving £50,000 per annum and the LGO is saving at least 30% on the phone and network system costs.

Boston Borough Council Case Study

With just over 200 desktop telephones, Boston Borough Council has managed to reduce its annual fixed telephony costs by more than 40%. They now have a feature-rich, scalable, resilient, cost effective, telephony platform to support the ongoing transformation of Local Authority services.

Better for less

Deliver better for less Deliver better for less

Deliver better for less

Speak with a Foehn account manager to discuss how your telephony choices can support your ICT strategy and deliver better for less.

Public Sector organisations are making significant cost savings as a result of switching to a modern IP (Internet Protocol) telephony system that is also delivering far more flexibility and features. By moving onsite telephony to the cloud, all public sector organisations can make significant savings with Foehn.