Are your disjointed communication tools a waste of time?

Our last blog picked up on some recent research that highlighted how employees in the modern, cloud-driven workplace are being overwhelmed by the quantity and complexity of communications tools. At Foehn, it’s an issue that sits at the centre of our software development philosophy.

For us, and our clients, an easy, intuitive and integrated user experience is paramount. In a competitive field more often focused on price and feature lists, it’s not always been the most fashionable point of view, but it’s an opinion that has underpinned Foehn’s 20 years of consistent growth and award-winning solutions. Interestingly, it’s flattering to see others are beginning to follow suit and there’s an increasing number of surveys looking into the impact of IT complexity.

At the risk of research overload, here’s some more revealing survey findings. This time, a report by MIT Technology Review asks the question, ‘Has digital transformation unleashed a Pandora’s box of data and tools?’

The research investigates the most common side effects of ‘working in the cloud’. The main finding identifies that the proliferation of apps and cloud services today is providing great new capabilities, but at a cost. The increasing complexity of technology means that employees are struggling to find the right information and stay focused on tasks. There is evidence that, over time, these issues can affect employee engagement, reduce motivation and increase employee turnover.

The complexity arises from repeated application log-ins, constant data searching, and task switching between applications. The survey calculates that, once interrupted, workers take an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to a task. Taking into account the number of applications used on average, this poses a significant risk to employee productivity. For example, the survey establishes that most knowledge workers access four or more systems whilst 13 percent need to access 11 or more systems to do their jobs. Do the maths and you can see, that’s a lot of wasted time and a lot of frustration.

There’s no denying that effective cloud communication involves complex issues for the software developer. Our mission is to hide that, giving the user uninterrupted navigation between features that are intuitive to operate. Making the complex simple isn’t easy but that’s what our clients want and that’s all that matters.

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Jas Bansal

Jas Bansal is a marketing manager at Foehn, with a breadth of experience within the tech and service provider market. Jas is responsible for Foehn’s content and communications for the hosted telephony and cloud contact centre market as well as working with clients on references and testimonials. As an keen advocate of technology and all things digital, Jas is results driven and an expert at taking a message out to market across multiple channels.