Blog: Foehn singled out for excellence in ITSPA awards

In a world turned upside down by unpredictability, it was especially pleasing to hear Foehn had won Best IT Service Provider Mid-Market at this year’s Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) Awards. Competition was tougher than ever with judges scrutinising a record number of entries.

The award recognises the best all-round voice service of any such company with a turnover of between £2 million and £10 million. We had to successfully demonstrate impressive business performance, innovation and service, backed up by sound customer evidence. This year, in addition, judges were looking particularly for service providers offering solutions supporting remote workers and providing them with strong business features.

Strategic cornerstone for success

Having spotted a gap in the market, in 2017 we developed and launched the Voxivo Cloud Phone System. Today, it’s the cornerstone of our cloud contact centre and unified communications strategy, delivering three important advantages:

  • Simpler operation: The intuitive interface greatly simplifies user operation, increasing employee engagement and productivity.
  • Greater control: Drag-and-drop features allow quick and easy management of call flows, lowering the need to hire third-party technicians and releasing internal IT teams for strategic business transformation projects.
  • Agile development: Built on an Opensource framework, the Voxivo architecture is perfect for agile software development and integrations, enabling customers to unlock greater business intelligence from previously siloed data and applications.

Combined with our class-leading professional services and support, products like Voxivo are geared towards ever-better business outcomes. Book to see Voxivo in action here.

Continuing to invest in innovation

Far from resting on our laurels, we’ve continued to expand and improve the platform. It now offers a complementary services roadmap: Voxivo Cloud Phone, Voxivo Collaborate and VoxivoCX.

The idea is to help customers demolish barriers like disjointed user experiences and the need to juggle multiple applications and plug-ins. Our latest innovation is a WebRTC Application Controller (WAC). Allowing users to instantly make or take voice or video calls from their desktop browser, it eliminates the need to toggle screens or download separate applications. Saving more time and effort with handy features like chat, conferencing and address book.

With VoxivoCX, call centre supervisors have direct oversight of workforce performance with the ability to support, manage and train agents during live calls, for example. Other smart features include integrated wallboards and real-time performance monitoring and historic reporting.

Cloud-first philosophy

While it’s brilliant to hear that Voxivo impressed the ITSPA judges, it’s also hugely rewarding to know our cloud-first business model is on the right track. The Best IT Service Provider Mid-Market award is further evidence we’re listening to our customers and getting our voice strategy right.

Genesys Cloud is equally instrumental. Last year, Foehn was awarded Genesys EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year and the relationship between our two companies is going from strength to strength. Together we’re helping customers rapidly adapt to COVID-19 and innovate at pace.

FirstCare and Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club are two great examples. Quite rightly, they’ve been shortlisted at the 2020 European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards. Both nominations are richly deserved and we wish them the best of luck.

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James Passingham

James Passingham is the leader and founder of Foehn Ltd., a cloud-first, cloud-only business delivering technology innovation and service excellence in both the hosted telephony and cloud contact centre markets. With James at the helm Foehn has grown into a £10m business from it’s inception in 2000. As a technology leader James is recognised for this ability to drive a highly innovative yet pragmatic vision through to delivery. His commitment to intuitive, open and easy to use platforms with the Voxivo brand is the foundation of Foehn’s success.