Blog: How to find the right phone system provider for your business

It’s been said that a good service provider can make a mediocre system great and a poor service provider can make a great system mediocre. It’s a bold claim but there’s no doubt that the choice of service provider can dictate the success or failure of the initial deployment and the life-time performance of the system.

The crucial, more obvious, skills include software development, network management, technical support and professional services. Evidence of long term experience in these fields is a must.

To be really sure you’ve got the right team, though, spend time with them before signing up. Trial the system and trial the provider team at the same time. Make sure they question your business operations and don’t shy away from bespoke or tricky requirements.

Ensure they have real depth of knowledge, not just a sales pitch, but also looking above and beyond by providing consultation services that help drive better business outcomes. Above all, look for integrity and a shared responsibility in getting things right. Like any marriage, it’s a long-term relationship in which you need commitment.

When judging a new service provider, ask yourself this:

  • Cultural Fit: Does the provider understand your company’s goals and strategies? Do they share similar business philosophy and values? Are they people you can get on with?
  • Customer references: Have you spoken to reference customers? Pick some from your market sector, ideally similar in size, business goals and requirements.
  • Customisation: Can the provider customise your system to the needs of your business or do they deliver a one-size-fits-all approach?
  • Integration and tools: Does the provider have the tools and expertise necessary address your legacy systems and ensure a seamless transition?
  • Extended services: Does the provider have access to specialists via an active partner ecosystem?
  • Security and compliance: Is the service provider accredited with the necessary certification for compliance in the key security standards.
  • Business continuity: Does the provider’s facilities offer resilience, fail-over, disaster recovery and other business continuity options? The provider’s ability to ensure uptime and business-as-usual is critical.
  • Agility: If necessary, can the provider reconfigure your system quickly, in response to short-term changes in business conditions.
  • Addressing change: Can the provider keep up with fast-moving cloud technology? Can they create a sound development roadmap and future-proof the functionality of your system?

If you want to learn more, read our guide on ‘How to find the perfect cloud phone system‘ as we dive deeper on top tips and things to consider when buying a cloud phone system. You can download it here.

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Julian Barrow

Julian Barrow is a sales leader at Foehn Ltd., committed to on-going service delivery excellence to clients and a commitment to exceptional customer experience. Julian’s experience ranges from large corporates and contact centres to SMBs and start-up businesses. As a Genesys Gold partner, Julian is a recognised leader in helping clients move to cloud contact centre and helping them realise the benefits of agility, innovation and scale. He is well-known in the industry for his understanding of both the technology and the importance of brilliant partnerships.