Build your Cloud Communication sales on our experience

We’ve spent nearly two decades developing and selling hosted and cloud-based communications, and now we’re ready to pass-on that experience to you. Our newly-launched channel partnership programme addresses the products, commercials and pressures facing IT service providers now and in the future.

Our Voxivo suite of cloud communications delivers real margin opportunity, providing phone, collaboration and contact centre solutions all from a single cloud-based platform. That means more up-sell opportunities, simpler integration capabilities and a long-term development roadmap to keep your customers at the cutting edge.

Contact us to find out about our ground-breaking ‘30 Days to Revenue Marketing Toolkit’, an assured sales and marketing package to help you generate revenues in the short term and secure profitable customers for the long term.

We’ll also give you a test-drive of our Voxivo unified communications and contact centre solutions to demonstrate the simple user experience and the business benefit your customers stand to gain.

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Helen Lancaster

Helen Lancaster is Head of Marketing at Foehn Ltd. – specialists in cloud contact centre. Helen has experience spanning over 20 years in the tech industry at organisations such as Canadian telco giant Nortel Networks, UK Telco KCOM and NTT Cloud Communications. An industry thought leader, blogger and speaker, Helen is passionate about the customer experience agenda and the critical role of cloud communications at its heart.