Foehn picks up two trophies at the 2019 ITSPA Annual Awards

Great news – Foehn received two accolades at the annual awards organized by the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA).

Taking ‘Highly Commended’ trophies for the two categories, ‘Best VoIP Software’ and ‘Best Business ITSP (£2m-£10m)’, we overcame competition from entrants representing some of the world’s biggest, multi-national vendors of cloud communications, all gathered at the Glaziers’ Hall in London.

The awards provide a fitting tribute to the achievements of our team in a year of unprecedented growth and new product development. This includes the release of the Voxivo Collaboration suite and the launch of VoxivoCX Cloud Contact Centre, plus a string of accreditations for ISO/IEC 27001, Cyber Essentials, Genesys Gold Partnership and G-Cloud listing on the Government’s Digital Marketplace.

The two ITSPA prizes say a lot about the cloud communications technology and skills we’ve built over the past twenty years, but they also make a less obvious statement when you put them in context.

For example, recognition in both categories, best software and best business, sends a reassuring message to all those customers who, in an exceptionally competitive marketplace, look to the provider as much as the product when making their investment decision. Stability, support, experience, integrity – whilst all these factors are business-related, they’re also critical to system performance and long-term reliability. It’s nice to know the award judges ticked both boxes.

Also, for Voxivo to receive an ITSPA award two years running is pleasing confirmation to customers that it’s not just a one-hit wonder. Consistency of performance over the longer term is an attribute of business communications that’s not shown on the features list but is, for all IT managers, the most important requirement. Again, it’s rewarding to receive this recognition over two consecutive years.

The awards have raised the bar a few more notches and now set the scene for another year of innovation and industry-leading solutions from Foehn. You can keep track of us here.


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Helen Lancaster

Helen Lancaster is Head of Marketing at Foehn Ltd. – specialists in cloud contact centre. Helen has experience spanning over 20 years in the tech industry at organisations such as Canadian telco giant Nortel Networks, UK Telco KCOM and NTT Cloud Communications. An industry thought leader, blogger and speaker, Helen is passionate about the customer experience agenda and the critical role of cloud communications at its heart.