Blog: How Kerv companies combine to help customers continue their digital journeys

Since Foehn became part of the Kerv Group in July, some of our customers have started sampling the broad pool of services and expertise within the wider organisation. For those who haven’t yet tested the water, this blog describes our unique ability as Kerv to create secure and collaborative virtual environments.

Centre of excellence

Partway through England’s second lockdown of 2020, you could be forgiven for feeling a sense of déjà vu. But here at Kerv, we’re not standing still.

Firstly, our three companies – Double Edge, Foehn and Metaphor IT – are meshing nicely as businesses. We’re concentrating our efforts on offering complementary services to help customers continue along their digital transformation journeys.

We share a common cloud-first vision. Putting voice, collaboration and security into the cloud to simplify management, drive efficiencies and enable the digital workplace. Even more so with enforced home working back again in these islands and no clear view of future restrictions.

Remote working at scale has stress-tested collaboration technology like never before. But, irrespective of current circumstances, collaboration is a major theme for Kerv – where our combined offer really comes into focus.

And we’ve set Microsoft Teams as a cornerstone of our collaboration offer. Kerv is a centre of Teams expertise, and we’re leading the market by integrating our Voxivo platform into Teams to deliver Direct Routing. We’re one of very few organisations with the necessary combination of Microsoft and telephony skills to do this.

What does this mean for our customers? It could be, for instance, a Teams solution supplied and secured by Metaphor IT that’s enhanced by Direct Routing and Voxivo from Foehn, with regulatory compliance ensured by Double Edge.

Multi-faceted communication

That’s just one example of Kerv companies coming together to help customers build richer and more resilient communication and collaboration platforms.

There’s more. With cybercrime and threat sophistication continuing to rise, Metaphor IT is building pure and hybrid cloud infrastructures with beefed up security to ensure our customers and their home workers remain safe. So, they’re able to work just as productively as if they were in the office. From any Internet connection, on any device.

And Kerv knows the importance of mobility. Double Edge has it covered, with shared bundles on multiple networks that give customers total flexibility in how their employees connect to corporate IT services.

Working for you, behind the scenes

During the first lockdown, many contact centres tied down by on-premise technology were forced to close. Foehn customers saw the value of their investments in Genesys Cloud and Voxivo CX. Most noticeably in quickly switching to home working and ensuring business continuity in critical areas like customer service and sales.

Having safely navigated that blue light, attention is now turning to streamlining back-office processes. For instance, looking at ways to better manage contacts and conversations for compliance purposes. Double Edge has a solution that provides a holistic view of all recordings across every channel – whether WhatsApp or WeChat, Zoom or Teams – and lets you search dynamically across all types of recording. This boosts efficiency in regulated sectors such as financial services.

Then there’s the matter of support. Looking after desktops, in particular, can be challenging when your employees are working from home, often using less familiar and sometimes less secure apps or tools. Metaphor IT can provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support for distributed workforces. Whatever the scale of an operation or its level of complexity, they’ll keep your people safe, productive and happy.

Forging ahead with confidence

Digital workplaces are taking shape in many businesses. How is yours coming on?

  • Together, Kerv companies can help you build, secure, add-to and support the agile environment that best suits your organisation.
  • In challenging times, our combined skills and managed services enhance IT stability as well as bolstering your peace of mind.
  • And our flexible, cloud-centred communications help simplify planning and navigating around the effects of uncertainty.

On 5th of May 2021, Kerv Group completes its fifth and largest deal with cloudThing, a market leader in digital transformation and specialist in Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform and Bespoke Software Development. This acquisition is a significant step for Kerv and a major investment in the rapidly growing digital transformation market. We are combining our existing cloud managed services and infrastructure transformation capability with cloudThing’s digital transformation proposition thanks to their combination of DevOps, Data Science, and software engineering services. Every aspect of cloudThing – from its strong organic growth model, culture, people, leadership and approach to customers – makes it an ideal fit for the Kerv group.

Watch out for further updates on how Kerv Group companies are working together to enable the modern workplace. Alternatively, get in touch now to tell us what you most need, and find out what Kerv can bring to your business.

More about the author
Julian Barrow

Julian Barrow is a sales leader at Foehn Ltd., committed to on-going service delivery excellence to clients and a commitment to exceptional customer experience. Julian’s experience ranges from large corporates and contact centres to SMBs and start-up businesses. As a Genesys Gold partner, Julian is a recognised leader in helping clients move to cloud contact centre and helping them realise the benefits of agility, innovation and scale. He is well-known in the industry for his understanding of both the technology and the importance of brilliant partnerships.