Replacement of Legacy Contact Centre Systems Driven by RoI

Avaya’s future continues to be a talking point. Despite the progress being made by Avaya since filing for Chapter 11 a couple of years back, there appear to be conflicting messages. Positive results for the last quarter are mixed with reports of possible mergers and take-overs. It’s difficult to seperate the facts from the propaganda.

As usual, the most reliable feedback comes from what’s happening on the ground, out there in the marketplace, where there are signs that customer retention is still an issue. ‘Avaya displacements drive 143% increase in Genesys Cloud sales’, the headline reads.  You could argue that new installations are bound to include a high number of Avaya systems, simply because the former market leader has a lot of kit out there. However, the evidence suggests that Avaya is struggling to replace it’s legacy systems with a cloud equivalent that is price competitive.

As a Genesys Partner (see our award announcement), we can vouch for that. It’s fair to say that Avaya has never been cheap and when you add that fact into a like-for-like comparison, the Purecloud product delivers a far more impressive return on investment. Research from Nemertes appears to validate this. A survey of companies that moved from legacy, on-premise solutions to Genesys customer experience technology identified a host of benefits resulting in cost and productivity advantages that boost RoI:

  • 31% decrease in operational costs.
  • 23% improvement in First Call Resolution.
  • 13% reduction in Call Handle Time.
  • 6% increase in Customer Satisfaction scores.

The market demands cloud-driven contact centre technology that delivers functionality and value that’s worth more than its price. It looks like at least one of the big vendors still has some catching up to do.

See examples of how Foehn’s clients have experienced return on investment in PureCloud deployments.

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Helen Lancaster

Helen Lancaster is Head of Marketing at Foehn Ltd. – specialists in cloud contact centre. Helen has experience spanning over 20 years in the tech industry at organisations such as Canadian telco giant Nortel Networks, UK Telco KCOM and NTT Cloud Communications. An industry thought leader, blogger and speaker, Helen is passionate about the customer experience agenda and the critical role of cloud communications at its heart.