See Tickets Call Centre System

The Customer

See Tickets is part of See Tickets International, one of the largest ticket companies in Europe processing over 40 million unit sales per annum. Specialists in bespoke ticketing solutions clients include Stage Entertainment, Really Useful Theatres, BBC, SJM Concerts, The Ryder Cup 2010 and notably selling all 137,500 tickets for Glastonbury Festival in 1 hour 45 minutes.

The Challenge

As See Tickets began to expand, it became clear that its old Avaya system would not be able to scale with the growing volume of calls or provide the flexibility required by See Ticket’s commercial activity. See Tickets needed an effective system for its 200 call centre agents based in its Nottingham HQ that could handle on average 10,000 calls a day.

The Solution

Foehn designed a custom call centre solution based on Asterisk. This included comprehensive and clear user interfaces for agents and managers and sophisticated reporting tools. Foehn had to take into account See Tickets core business. On one day it may have to handle 50,000 calls all from Madonna fans wanting to go to her concert at the O2 whilst also dealing with 10,000 calls spread across 100 smaller events. Therefore, one key requirement of the communications system was flexibility. Foehn delivered a dynamic system that could easily scale up or down and change according to the number of events and the volume of calls for each event. New numbers, lines and IVRs can be easily and efficiently set up as tickets for when new events are released. One particularly important feature was the automation of ticket payments allowing them to cope with the high volumes of calling traffic, allowing a customer to call in and purchase a ticket without speaking to an agent. The PBX is programmed to constantly record how many tickets are being sold in ‘real time’ and then once the last ticket has been sold switch to a pre-recorded ‘sold-out’ message and stop any further ticket sales. Security is also assured in the process so when details of ticket orders are passed to agents for processing the customer’s credit card details are not disclosed.

The Result

This year See Tickets became the sole supplier for Glastonbury – the largest festival in the world. Its newly installed Asterisk system handled over 100,000 calls each day, the weekend they were released for sale.

“A customer service centre of a popular online ticketing company needs a communications system that grows as quickly as we do. Foehn’s solution does that.”

Russell Morris, Head of IT See Tickets