The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Genesys Cloud Contact Centre Case Study

Conserving Resources in the Contact Centre

Delivered by Foehn


Customer service is critical to ZSL. As an international conservation charity, the organisation is obliged to demonstrate optimisation of resources, a focus on productivity and, above all, quality of customer service to the members, donors and visitors that fund the organisation, directly or indirectly. This has been the driving issue behind the management’s strategy of modernisation and digital transformation, a fitting undertaking as the organisation approaches its 200th anniversary in 2026.

A key challenge within this strategy has been improvement of call centre operations, the single point of contact for all incoming enquiries and an important facility for sales of products and memberships. In addition to managing both London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo, ZSL undertakes field conservation and research in over 50 countries. With this extensive and varied audience placing increasing demands on service levels, the decision to upgrade the contact centre system focussed on a set of key requirements.

Summary of Challenges 

  • Demonstrate to stake-holders best use of resources.

  • Increase agent availability to deal with strategically important enquiries.

  • Bring the contact centre into line with the other digital transformation initiatives.

  • Deliver improved customer experience across all channels.

  • Gain better customer insights from contact centre data.


Amongst the priorities, the new system would need to release time from the agent’s workload to allow greater involvement in other activities important to ZSL’s operations, such as processing caller information, upselling to other services, improving response time and generally raising the quality of the customer experience. Immediately, these goals focused attention on automation of call management and routing via customer self-service. Scripting and CRM integration were also identified as features that would help improve agent productivity.

Other capabilities of the new system were required to provide better and more responsive communication. It was increasingly evident that people wanted to connect with ZSL across different channels, not just telephone calls. The new system would need to offer a multi-channel capability that could equip agents and enable customers to communicate with minimum effort across email, social media and web chat.

For the contact centre supervisor and ZSL operations managers, a new system offered the opportunity to generate call data and capitalise on a better understanding of customer requirements. Equally, this would demand a simple process for agents to record, tag or code calls to enable analytics and identify insights to ZSL customer behaviour.

Following a detailed assessment of solutions and providers available, ZSL selected Foehn to implement the Genesys Purecloud omnichannel cloud contact centre system.

With over 20 years’ experience, accreditation as a Genesys Gold Partner in the UK and endorsement as ‘Purecloud Partner of the Year’, Foehn offered the expertise and professional services necessary to ensure trouble-free implementation and valuable advice on customisation of the system’s capabilities to meet the unique requirements of ZSL.


Under the supervision of the ZSL Head of Digital Services, Daniel Sprawson, Purecloud was deployed to manage inbound calls across fifteen agents, routed via IVR from eight lines. The system was configured to focus on the primary objective – automating call handling to release agent time.

Customisation of the IVR now enables calls to be routed to each of the zoos (now independent business units) with IVR messaging that updates automatically on a daily basis to change dates and times. In the past, this was a frequent and time-consuming enquiry managed by agents.

Queue prioritisation accelerates response time for agents dealing specifically with membership enquiries, an important requirement within ZSL’s strategy.

The new system also provides agents with screen-pops to help in four key areas:

  • Streamlining input of call and customer data.

  • Simple access to customer knowledge base for information e.g. membership packages and prices.

  • Access to scripts that guide the agent through processes e.g. up-selling and complaint handling.

  • Standardisation of responses across all agents.

Within one month of Purecloud going live, performance expectations were exceeded when early reports showed that call volumes managed by agents had already reduced by 20%. This impressive result was matched by positive feedback from agents, confirming ease of adoption and strong engagement with Purecloud’s functionality. In particular, scripts and screen pops offered by the new system were praised by agents for their simplicity and effectiveness. Similarly, managers have welcomed Purecloud’s reporting capabilities and the benefits this lends to training and performance monitoring.

With the next phase of deployment now in progress, ZSL anticipates further improvements to service delivery and agent productivity. Forthcoming projects involve CRM integration, PCI DSS compliance and implementation of new channels through the contact centre, including email, web chat and social media.

Summary of Outcomes 

  • 20% reduction in calls handled by agents.

  • Customisation of IVR to alleviate agent time spent on calls.

  • Automated update of IVR messaging to deal with simple enquiries.

  • Routing and queue prioritisation for faster response to enquiries.

  • Easier data input and access to knowledge base via screen-pops.

  • Improved sales and service delivery via scripts.

  • Faster agent adoption and less training.

Final Word 

“Foehn’s commitment to the project has been consistently high. From developing the initial requirements specification through to their presence on-site to oversee the launch of the new system, they have demonstrated a determination to make implementation as frictionless as possible. Documentation has been professional, technical support has been responsive and the whole team has gone the extra mile to make the system live before our peak time in the summer holidays.”

Daniel Sprawson, ZSL, Head of Digital Services