Meet the Foehn Team: Zoie Courtney

Describe your job role in 3 sentences.

As Porting and Procurement Manager, my job is to purchase and manage the processing of all the hardware orders to make sure they are delivered on time in an efficient manner and make sure I interact with the customers along the way, as well as monitor purchasing costs and how that affects the company overall.

My other job responsibilities involve number porting where I manage ports for our customers who wish to move their numbers over. This involves a great deal of communication with the customer and provider to make sure the ports smoothly (at times this can be quite complex, I must admit!)

What do you love most about your job?

I love a lot of things about my job; firstly, how varied my job is from processing to sending customer orders to number porting to booking couriers, my daily tasks are never the same. It is a great mix of interaction and independence, which keeps me on my toes!

Secondly, working in the telecommunications industry is always interesting as the technology is always changing, therefore I am always learning new things and keeps it exciting.

Thirdly, the company culture is like a little family as everyone gets on so well and how we encourage each other, try to help each other out when needed and have a great time being together (lots of laughs!) It makes a big difference If you love the people and organization, that is not always easy to find! On a more customer side of things, everyone is always going the extra mile to help our customers out, it is great to work with people that care about the company and doing a good job.

What has been your proudest moment at Foehn?

My proudest moment at Foehn is completing my CIPS Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations course back in 2018 as well as working full time. This gave me further knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and processes related to procurement and supply and how I could improve some processes or maybe winning a trophy for “ most valued employee in the pub” but not sure that counts!

You’ve worked for Foehn for 8 years, what’s been the key to this success? How has the company evolved?

Starting off at Foehn 8 years ago, there was 2 sales members and smaller other teams too, my role back then was very different to now as I was doing multiple job roles from accounts/billing/booking travel/purchasing and wow what an experience, I now have an understanding on most of the different departments and this has helped me grow immensely.

As with the company growing, every area of the business faces the challenge of keeping up with the breakneck speed of technological change, Foehn saw an opportunity to make communications products easier to use and more useful, with this in mind we decided to develop our own Cloud Phone systemVoxivo” which has been immensely impressive.