Podcast: Chillibyte adopts Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from Foehn

Chillibyte added phone system functionality to make and receive calls directly from Microsoft Teams!

In this podcast episode, we are joined by Tim Watney, one of the Co-founders of Chillibyte and our host, Kim Talingdan, Digital Marketing Manager at Foehn.

Chillibyte is a digital marketing agency that helps various businesses in different sectors with their SEO, paid search, and web development solutions. They recently purchased a phone system however due to lockdown, they found themselves having to rely on a 3rd party answering service to take all their phone calls. They already had Microsoft Teams and were exploring adding voice calls to the Teams solutions so that it works for everyone’s homes remotely.

We are delighted to facilitate Chillibyte’s needs with market-leading Direct Routing from Foehn.

If you want to find out more on how you can use Microsoft Teams as your customer facing phone system. You can visit our Direct Routing page or get in touch with us.

Tim Watney
Co-Founder at Chillibyte
Kim Talingdan
Digital Marketing Manager at Foehn