Local Government Roundtable Interview with Nicola Gumery

We talked to Nicola Gumery, Customer Services Manager at AHDB, where she shared her thoughts on Genesys Cloud CX and how the platform has improved their CX. She also shared her thoughts on Foehn’s most recent Local Government Roundtable where we demonstrated the use of AI (chatbots and voicebots) and Automation within Genesys Cloud.

Nicola shared her Key Takeaways from the session as well as:

  • ADHB’s journey with Genesys and how they’ve used the platform to drive user and customer experience.

  • How AHDB can utilise the technology in place to improve their customer journeys.

  • How Nicola can utilise tools such as WEM and gamification to manage her hybrid agents and keep them motivated from home or the office.