PCI Compliance

Protect your customers’ payment information, your brand reputation and help to reduce fraud with PCI DSS compliance. If you process credit or debit card payments via the telephone you must strive to become PCI compliant.

Failure to do so can impact your business negatively either via fines, the removal of your right to process payments by the card schemes and the negative publicity that ensues from the loss of sensitive customer information.

PCI DSS Level 1

Compliance with Foehn

As a network provider we can ensure your PCI compliance by preventing any customer card data entering your environment. We will integrate directly with your existing payment service provider, keeping you and your customer’s valuable card data safe.

How it works


Customer calls pass through Foehn’s PCI Compliant SIP Channels to contact centre agents.


Agent launches a supplied secure payment capture page for payment processing


The customer keys in their payment card details using their telephone keypad.


Card information is masked to the agent with audio beeps and asterisk mask on screen but the agent and customer can still talk to each other during the process.


Agent proceeds with the payment which passes through to the company’s existing payment service provider.


After payment has completed the call progresses as normal.

Benefits of PCI-DSS Compliance

Foehn’s solution


Protect Your Customers

Reassure your customers that you protect their card data to the highest global standards and avoid sanctions for non-compliance.


Enhance Your Brand

Use PCI DSS accreditation to enhance your brand reputation in the eyes of your customers.


Improve Agent Productivity

For routine payments we can build a payment service through an automated call handling service (IVR), enabling your agents to focus on higher value customer transactions.

Become PCI compliant


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