Moving your Contact Centre to the Cloud?

If customer experience is at the heart of your business, you may well be considering moving your contact centre to the cloud. A cloud-based call centre can give you all the benefits of scale without the any of the overheads in complexity.

A cloud contact centre is central point in an enterprise business, hosted on an Internet server, from which all inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. Cloud contact centres make interactions through voice, email, social media and the web accessible from employees who are based anywhere, from multiple offices to remote working on the road or at the home office. The benefits of a cloud call centre solution include:

  • No more costly upgrades
  • No monthly maintenance charges
  • Zero upfront investment.

As customers continue to increase their use of digital channels to buy from businesses online, the need to modernize the contact centre is critical. Deployed in minutes, a cloud contact centre lets your company deliver state-of-the-art capabilities that transform your legacy contact centre to a modernised contact centre.

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What is Genesys Cloud?

Genesys Cloud is a feature rich solution which is rapidly developing and includes multiple channels, automated routing, call recording, workforce management, AI and chat bot technology and much more.

Genesys Cloud can be integrated into business-critical applications including:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Zoom Phone
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google
  • Amazon LEX.
  • and more!

The market leading cloud contact centre software is Genesys Cloud. As Genesys EMEA Cloud Partner of the year, Foehn is the leading cloud only Genesys partner in the UK.

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Key Features of the Genesys Cloud Contact Centre Software

Automatic Call Distribution

With skills-based and intelligent routing, calls follow a logical path. Customers are grateful because you have saved them time. And because agents connect with the customers, they’re best suited to help, your teams are happier, too.

Interactive Voice Response

Prompt callers to self-direct through the system. A well-designed interactive voice response system is fast, convenient, and personalised. It drives customer satisfaction and saves time.

Inbound Call Centre

Despite the growing adoption of self-service, voice has become the go-to channel for escalated interactions. This means leveraging an inbound call centre solution that enables you to match each caller with the best representative across any location or infrastructure and providing the differentiated omnichannel experience that customers expect.


Your email address is one of the first things customers look for when they need assistance. Email, the first digital channel, is still essential for customer support.

Social Media

Digital channels, like social media, are growing fast. And 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them.  Make it easy with contact centre software that integrates social media alongside the other channels your team uses for customer support every day.

Outbound Call Centre

Proactively communicating with prospects in a timely, personalised and contextual way is good business.  Extend your outbound call centre strategy across multiple channels, the results can be great.

Messaging / SMS

Messaging is the fastest growing and most widely used form of interpersonal communication. With Genesys contact centre software, your business can join the world of messaging apps.

Co-browse and Screen Share

Minimise channel escalation, improve first contact resolution (FCR), reduce abandonment, boost customer loyalty and lower service costs. Co-browse and screen share make interactions simple and painless.

Analysing and Shaping Customer Journeys

It is not easy to create and strengthen customer relationships while ensuring that customers enjoy interacting with your company and contacting your employees. Disjointed communications with your company make that even more difficult. Your customers just want help – they want care.

Download this guide for more insight on:

  • The challenge of customer experiences
  • Building effective customer relationships
  • The power of predictive analytics
  • Customer communications from mobile and web

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Why Choose Genesys Cloud for Contact Centre with Foehn?


Genesys EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year


Specialists in cloud only contact centre deployment


Self-service to hand holding – deployment options for every requirement


Dedicated UK service and account management

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Rebekah Avill, Head of Commercial Systems from JPI Media shares her experiences of the Genesys Cloud platform and the benefits of the partnership with Foehn throughout the design and deployment process.

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