Digital First: A painless way to move to the cloud 

Public sector organisations often struggle to improve their customer experience, while facing budgetary cuts and endless compliance regulations.

Local governments in particular offer a vast range of ‘micro departments’ within one organisation, from waste and recycling collection and council tax, to planning applications, housing and social care services.

With so many enquiry options, they want to empower their customers to proactively engage with them across communication channels of their choice – from phone calls, to web chat, emails or SMS – thereby increasing efficiency and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our cloud-based technology provides high levels of resiliency and security to meet compliance regulations, as well as having the agility and flexibility to change and adapt when necessary (such as the need to work remotely during COVID-19).

It’s time to start your journey

Genesys are pioneerand experts in creating omnichannel engagement for the public sector.   

Our integrated technology will help you meet public expectation by offering seamless communication methods of choice, so they get the answers they needfirst time, every time. 

For more information on the endless benefits of Genesys Cloud technology and to find out how you can embrace Digital First for public sectorview the Digital First interactive e-guide.

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Achieve contact centre excellence

Reduced call wait times, 0% dropped call rates, a single point of contact and improved empathy through customer engagement. Implementing the technology to deliver these goals and achieving digital by default can seem overwhelming, but the benefits are huge – and with Genesys Cloud you have the solution!

Genesys Cloud brings together voice, video, chat and contact centre integration to improve the customer experience. It creates fluid conversations via an easy to use, all-in-one interface, fostering true omnichannel engagement.

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Hear from our customers in the public sector

“In Foehn, we have found a team of highly skilled individuals that we can trust to provide us with a contact centre solution that meets our changing requirements into the future. Foehn has that vital experience in mapping contact centre functionality to operations and processes in the workplace. With this, we know we are equipping our agents with the best tools whilst getting the best return on investment.”

Ceredigion County Council 

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Digital First – delivering results for your customers


Accessibility for all

Your customers look to you for empathy and support. Genesys Cloud delivers IVR functionality that ensures all calls are routed through to specialists, who have the correct training and understand the unique challenges your customers face. The technology allows accessibility for all diversity and specific language requirements, maintaining high service levels.


Always on, ready to adapt

The technology has the agility and flexibility to change and adapt to circumstances when necessary, such as the unexpected need to switch to remote working during COVID-19.


“Digital” doesn’t mean reduced CX

Omni-channel operations give you the processes and tools to manage the customer experience effectively and efficiently, driving satisfaction for your customers to find information that they need easily and quickly through the channel of their choice.

Experience a call centre your agents will love

Explore the interface, features and functionality of Genesys Cloud. In this self-guided tour, you get to experience the call centre software through the eyes of your agents, supervisors and management.

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