Third time lucky with a one stop shop from Foehn

MARCH 26, 2014 posted by Glen Goldsmith

The phrase ‘one stop shop’ has become a bit hackneyed in recent years, but there are occasions when it does seem applicable, particularly if a company is genuinely interested in finding a solution that does everything on their wish list. When Theatre Sites decided to upgrade its phone system, its first two options didn’t quite work out.

By way of background, Theatre Sites is a business that keeps the websites of several of the UK’s largest theatres running. The company combines technical expertise and front-end support to ensure customer websites look great and work smoothly, even during huge spikes in traffic. The company had previously used BT, but moving to a new office decided to look for an alternative telephony set up and supplier.

One of the company’s consultants suggested using VoIP. Theatre Sites director, Roger Coleman, wasn’t really up to speed with what was available and decided to look into it. He did some research and found Voipfone. It all looked good to begin with, but surprisingly to him, the killer feature they couldn’t offer was a hunt group, where a phone call would switch to the next handset, and then the next, if previously unanswered. It was an attractive feature for Theatre Sites, especially as staff members need to be contacted quickly by customers requiring first line support.

Theatre Sites also bought numbers from Numberstore, but this led to further head scratching. Numberstore offered the hunt group features but incoming calls were on one number and outgoing calls were on another – telephone numbers were not all joined up and that wouldn’t work.

Theatre Sites talked to Voipfone and asked if they could help and then to Numberstore about IP phones, but according to Roger the two didn’t appear to be on the same page. In the end, he decided to hunt for a company that could offer everything.

After doing some more research, Theatre Sites found Foehn and we were able to tick all of the boxes…the ‘one stop shop’! We supplied all of the equipment and services – a hosted VoiP telephony system, initially with six extensions, that has provided the Theatre Sites with a single joined up system as well as a host of modern telephony features that it didn’t have before.

So there you are, a perfectly legitimate use of “one stop shop’.