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Voxivo Cloud Phone System.

Full Feature List

Admin Features

With Voxivo, users receive a simple, easy to use admin portal which allows them to set up and configure their entire phone system, and perform many actions such as setting up dial plans, their IVR, user extensions, call recording, hunt groups etc. Users can access it from a desktop or on the go from their smart phone.

Voxivo comes packed with a powerful yet highly flexible and intuitive dial plan creator which allows you to create and edit dial plans in line with your schedules and changing business needs.

The dial plan creator has a graphical interface and works by dragging and dropping different elements such as IVR, schedule, mailbox, hunt group, queue, voicemail into the area.

These element can enable you to create and edit the routes for your dial plans in line with your business requirements. Watch the video: How to Create a Dial-Plan here

This feature is simple and easy to use for even a first-time user. There are multiple benefits:

  • Total Control: Supervisors can control dial plans without needing technical help
  • Easy to Use: Dial plans can be quickly updated using a drag and drop interface
  • Never Miss a Call: Route your calls and adapt for seasonality or out of office hours and special events
  • Respond rapidly to change business needs

Voxivo provides admin users access to a dashboard which can be used to track metrics, call logs, balance and other key data points. Some of the metrics that can be viewed are call traffic, number of online users, extensions making maximum calls, remaining balance, ASR.

This is an important feature of Voxivo as it provides a business with a quick overview of current performance of the phone system so that supervisors can quickly take any necessary steps to potentially improve that performance.

Supervisors can quickly create user extensions for employees through Voxivo’s admin portal without the need of assistance from IT teams.

For every extension, you have the option of assigning them to hunt groups, pickup groups, call queues and extension teams. Easily set up outbound dialling permissions as well as custom call routes so that incoming calls reach the right people.

Additionally, you can also assign DDIs, configure voicemail and set up call recording preferences for each user extension all from your Voxivo admin portal.

Benefits of this feature are:

  • Remove IT team overheads as extensions can easily be set up by admin users
  • Increase efficiency of managing, updating, deleting and adding multiple user extensions
  • Flexibility during changing business needs e.g. a retailer can quickly add additional hunt group members during a busy sale season

Feature codes are a pattern of characters and numbers which provide a method of accessing specific features when dialled by users on their phones.

Some use cases of feature codes are:

  • Login/Logout dynamic agents on all queues
  • Pick up call in a group
  • Pick up a call directed to an extension in a group
  • Access to voicemail

Account Codes are billing labels applied to accountable items such as extensions and calls. They are useful for a supervisor for classification of accountable items. e.g. you can define account codes for teams such as sales, marketing, finance and attach these codes to respective team extensions.

An IVR allows your company to greet callers with recorded greetings and direct their calls to the right destination based on their input to a pre-defined menu.

Voxivo provides a highly flexible IVR editor which can be configured to route calls to different departments, hunt groups, specific numbers or even mailboxes. In addition, Voxivo’s custom schedules capability ensures that a business can cater to calls on any day and at any time including holidays and after business hours.

Some benefits of using an IVR system are:

  • Improve service to customers by directing their call to the right department
  • Improve staff efficiency by freeing them from the hassle of redirecting calls to relevant departments
  • Reduce costs by removing the need for additional staff to manage incoming calls

Voxivo allows creation of extension teams which are basically extensions grouped together under one name. This feature is very helpful in defining team based dialling permissions as it enables you to allow or deny outbound dialling to certain numbers at a team level so you don’t have to repeat the process for individual extensions.

Users can view estimated* call cost information of completed calls in real-time right from the admin dashboard. This feature helps the admin in obtaining an estimate of incurred costs without having to wait till the actual billing date.

*Please note that the costs are only estimates and the actual costs are only calculated at the billing stage

When using Foehn supplied handsets you can simply plug them in and start using them right away. This is because the phones come pre-provisioned with extension settings configured in Voxivo’s admin portal and on booting, retrieve the settings from there. This also facilitates centralised management for supervisors using the portal.

Automatic phone provisioning saves businesses considerable time and provides convenience as bulk configurations are possible with this feature.

Using this feature, Voxivo’s customers can implement scripts designed specifically for them which make their phone system cater to the needs of their business. This is an on-demand feature which can be configured for customers after understanding their needs in greater detail*. For further details please contact us.

*This is an optional feature which can be developed based on additional customer needs.   

Call Management Features

Voxivo provides a range of features to manage your incoming and outgoing calls so that you can increase company productivity. Voxivo’s call management features offers flexibility to employees in their day to day work and makes teams more efficient while dealing with customers.

With call forwarding it is possible to divert calls to another number, be it a PBX extension, mobile number. This gives callers the flexibility of working from multiple locations, so they will never miss calls to their number.

This feature allows users to transfer calls that they have attended to another extension or department. This feature is particularly useful when you need to explain the call to the person to whom you are transferring the call.

This feature allows users to transfer a call to a ring group or another person without speaking to them first.

Call waiting gives users a notification of an incoming call when they are busy on an existing call. This makes it possible for users to be aware of important calls and they can choose to either attend the call, and put the current call on hold, or cancel the incoming call.

This feature is helpful as it ensures busy extensions are still notified of incoming calls and attend them if they are important.

Caller ID feature displays the name of the caller on the screen of the phone. This is helpful in identifying the caller before the call is accepted you can choose to attend or reject the call.

A Hunt Group is a method of distributing calls from a single phone number to multiple extensions. This helps in distributing a large volume of incoming calls amongst different team members. e.g. Sales, account management and customer service teams.

Voxivo makes it easy for you to set up hunt groups right from the admin portal. You also have the option of including external numbers in your hunt groups.

Benefits of implementing hunt groups are:

  • Improve efficiency of answering incoming calls
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenues and gross margins for your business – this especially holds true for businesses which heavily transact on phone lines

A call queue provides a method of automatically distributing calls to a group of user extensions. This ensures that callers do not have to face a busy tone or be directed to voicemail when they call your business.

Voxivo gives you the option of setting up call queues and various parameters such as announcements, hold time, announcing queue position etc.

Benefits of a call queue are:

  • Improve customer satisfaction while they wait by announcing wait time and queue position to customers
  • Attend to more customers by reducing number of lost calls or calls going to voicemail
  • Introduce a more professional image of the company through using call queues

It is possible to assign agents to a call queue in a flexible manner using this feature. Static members are always logged in to the queue to take calls whereas dynamic members can log in and log out of the queue as per their availability.

Through this feature, businesses are ensured that there are always members available to take customer calls but at the same time have the flexibility to dynamically increase or decrease number of agents depending on agent availability, busy call periods or seasonal events.

This feature allows you to put your phone on a setting so that it will not ring when there are incoming calls. This is especially useful when a user is in the middle of some important work, for instance, a client meeting, and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

You can record custom messages for callers which can be used as greetings or to provide important information or updates about your company. This feature allows you to provide a more personalized message to customers rather than standard recorded messages.

The Voicemail feature is helpful for users to access messages from callers they are unable to attend to. Voxivo provides mailboxes for individual extensions as well as for groups or departments. Users can view, save, forward or delete their messages. They also get the option of receiving message alerts via email with the audio message attached with the email.

Mailboxes can also be configured to work with your IVR set up. You can send calls that you receive during holidays or after business hours directly to mailboxes so you never miss important calls.

Employees can set up their own custom voicemail greetings through their handset.

Voicemail to email provides users with an email notification of new voicemails. Users get to know about the number of the caller, the time of the call and the duration of message. Additionally, users can choose to attach audio messages with the email.

This feature is very useful to quickly revert to your voicemails as it does not require you to dial into your mailbox. As the audio message is attached with the email, important messages can be filtered out and call-backs can be prioritized.

Your employees can use a shared phone at multiple locations to log in to their own extension with access to their voicemail, settings and other features.

Some benefits of hot desking are:

  • Improve efficiency for staff as they can access their personal settings, voicemails and other features without having to set up everything again
  • Reduce hardware costs as several phones can be shared between team members
  • Increase flexibility for staff which frequently works at different office locations e.g. sales

Through this feature, users can get notification of calls that they are unable to receive so they never miss their important calls. Missed calls can be accessed from Voxivo call logs.

With three-way calling, a new call can be added to an existing two-way call. This feature is useful when it is important to include a third person in an existing discussion as it eliminates the need to set up separate calls at a later time.

Speed dialling allows you to quickly dial a number with fewer keys and without the need to look-up the phone number. This is useful when certain numbers are frequently dialled as it reduces the time taken to call those numbers.

Through this feature, an existing phone call can be put on hold to take another incoming call. This helps users in taking important calls while their number is in use. It is suggested that this feature be used with music on hold to make call hold time for callers more pleasant.

Pickup groups make it easy to answer calls that come in on group members’ extensions when the other members are not available to answer. This can be done from a user’s own desk.

Benefits of this feature are:

  • Easy to implement feature as employees can take members’ calls right from their own desk
  • Reduces risk of calls being missed due to absence of employees
  • Group members can request other members to take their calls if they are in the middle of a deadline and do not wish to be disturbed.

A directory is a list of all employees of an organisation which is used while setting up a company’s dial plan. When someone calls a company, the directory feature allows them to search for an employee by the first name, last name or both.

The key benefit of this feature is that caller can reach an employee even if they do not have their direct number.

Pilot numbers are internal extensions that help in routing to a different part of your dial plan or extension/department. This is especially beneficial for large organisations.

E.g. if calls need to be routed temporarily to customer support teams, pilot numbers remove the need to route calls externally at DDI level and therefore no charges are incurred. Additionally, there is no need to replicate customer support level dial plans (which will most likely be another dial plan) as pilot numbers can be used to send calls directly to this part of the dial plan.

Main benefits offered by pilot numbers are cost savings at DDI level and time and effort savings for IT teams as existing call flows can be re-used.

Collaboration Features

Voxivo provides smart collaboration tools for teams to always stay connected to collaborate more efficiently.

The Voxivo IM feature allows users to send instant messages to their contacts. In addition, chat history is available to users for later access. This is helpful in quickly getting in touch with your colleagues for quick questions, queries and messages.

Contact management allows users to create and manage their own contacts directory. Users have the option to add contacts from the corporate directory or create their own contacts.

Users can also directly dial a number in their contacts list from within Voxivo. This can be done using Click-to-Call functionality

Voxivo’s presence feature allows users to instantly view status of their colleagues – whether they are available, busy or away. This helps in being more agile in communication as you know when your colleagues are free to speak to, to transfer calls to or are busy with other calls or some important work.

Conference calls provide a way for multiple parties to participate in the same conversation. With Voxivo, you can set up multiple conference rooms for different teams, and also password protect rooms to prevent unauthorised access. It is also possible to assign account codes to conference rooms.

User Portal Features

Voxivo gives employees the ability to manage their extensions as they prefer, via their user portal. A range of features are available including the ability for users to change their own voicemail settings, set mobile twinning, view their call logs.

Voxivo gives employees the ability to set up preferences for their extension through a settings option through which they can change their voicemail pin, set up phone twinning, set up voicemail to email amongst other options.

This feature empowers employees and reduces the burden of phone administration on admin and technical teams.

This feature makes an incoming call on the user’s extension ring multiple extensions or devices at the same time or sequentially. Users can enable this feature and set up multiple devices all from their user portal. For e.g. when a call comes in, a user can choose to ring their desk phone, home phone and mobile phone either at the same time or one after the other to ensure they don’t miss their calls.

Benefits of this feature are:

  • Avoiding missed calls as multiple phones are configured with a single extension
  • Flexibility of working from home or a different office location
  • Allows employees to keep their personal number private and still be able to ensure calls reach them anywhere

Click to call allows a user to make calls on a phone number in the user’s contacts, call logs, as well as anywhere on the web, simply by clicking on the phone number.

Benefits of this feature are:

  • Convenience of dialling directly from screens and removing the need to punch a number in softphones or desk phones
  • Increased efficiency as it removes the risk of incorrect dialling of numbers
  • Higher outbound reach per day for sales organisations as they can focus on selling

Users can view inbound, outbound and missed calls in their call logs. This feature is useful in tracking date, time and duration of calls, and returning calls by using click to call by simply clicking on the numbers.

Users can search, view, listen to and download their call recordings from their user portal. This feature is helpful if a user wants to go over an important conversation e.g. to draw up a proposal based on discussions with a client.

Help Section Features

Voxivo includes a knowledge repository which helps customers know more about how to use the Voxivo features and get the most out of their phone system. The knowledge base includes answers to frequently asked questions, ‘How-to’ guides on most common tasks and Video tutorials. This section is constantly being updated as we try and answer your most common queries to enhance your Voxivo experience.

Why Voxivo is the cloud phone system of choice

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Transparent Pricing

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No Hidden Costs

The Foehn transparent pricing guarantee

unified communications price

Transparent Pricing

unififed communications features

All Features Included

No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

Open architecture, beautiful design & deployment from experts

Built by a leading communication technology provider with over 18 years experience delivering phone systems and contact centres

Asterisk is at the heart of our platform providing an unrivalled ability to integrate with third party platforms

Designed, deployed and supported 24/7 by experienced engineers

Constant evolution through our product innovation strategy

Voxivo has been built with a continuous product innovation strategy in mind

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Our roadmap has our customer needs at the core



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All Voxivo features

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All Voxivo features

Foehn support services

Dedicated account manager

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Per user, per month

All Voxivo features

Foehn support services

Dedicated account manager

1000 mins per user to UK Geo (01, 02, 03)
and UK major mobile networks combined

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