Foehn Timeline


Foehn founded: IP telephony services company licenced by OFCOM


Foehn become Digium’s Premier Asterisk Systems Integrator for Europe


Foehn launches first cloud VoIP phone system


Voxivo launched: Developed exclusively by Foehn


Foehn recognised as Genesys PureCloud Partner of the Year


Voxivo wins ITSPA Award for best VoIP Software 2018


Our journey began back in 2000 when we looked at business communications products and saw a different future. That future was to make communications products less complicated, easier to use, and more useful. We saw the workplace evolving and felt that technology should evolve with it.

We continually challenge ourselves to solve problems and build better cloud communications to help you work smarter.

By combining our own technology, with uncompromising design principles and the power of open source, we can deliver truly intuitive communications products.
This is how we make the complex simple.

Making things simple takes a great deal of effort. Regardless of your needs, our experienced team can help reduce the challenges and costs of moving to a new generation of cloud communications products.

We know that switching to a new business communications system is not something you do every day.

But it is something we do.


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