Enterprise grade, Hosted VoIP Telephony. All the features for one simple price, per user, per month

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Hosted Telephony

Foehn’s Hosted VoIP telephony is managed and supported remotely by our team of VoIP communications engineers.

You receive the complete suite of VoIP phone system features for one simple price per extension, free of on-site PBX CAPEX and maintenance cost.Scale up or down as your business requires, only paying for the extensions you actually need.

We will even port your existing number free of charge.

Quotation MarksA high quality Hosted Telephony service, supported by IP communications professionals, that's the differenceQuotation Marks

Total Control

  • Open Platform
  • Cross Platform Integration
  • End User Portal
  • Configurable Reception Console
  • Call Centre Reporting & Call Recording
  • Queues & Agent Statistics

Peace of Mind & Low Risk

  • 24/7 Support
  • Hardware Fail Over
  • Expert Design & Deployment
  • Redundant, Dual Powered Data Centre
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Redundant Networks

Significantly Improve Profitability

  • Minimal Capex
  • Licence Free
  • Maintenance Free
  • Free from Vendor Lock-in
  • Resilient
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • Network Rationalisation

Improved Customer Relationships

  • Bespoke Configuration
  • Feature Rich Platform
  • Location Independent
  • Voicemail to Email
  • ACD / IVR
  • Hunt Group
  • CRM Integration

Quotation MarksWith 12 years of successful deployment, we are a trusted provider, offering support from IP experts.Quotation Marks

The Difference

We built the platform and manage the service ourselves. We therefore have an unrivalled ability to integrate with the legacy environments of our customers, respond to bespoke requirements, and troubleshoot.

Our UK based help desk is peopled by highly experienced Digium-Certified Asterisk Professionals (dCAP) with skills ranging from servers to network technologies.

When you purchase a hosted telephony system from Foehn there are no expensive equipment costs or hidden charges. Scale up or down as your business requires, you only pay for what you need.

Our easy to use Online Management Portal gives you control of your call routing and reporting. We can even customise a full contact centre in the cloud.