Cloud Phone System

Delivered by Foehn

The Customer

Specialist IT and telecoms recruitment firm, Marketingmoves, has saved over 50% of their annual communications costs by cancelling their auto-renewable contract for maintaining their on-premises phone system and replacing it with a cloud communication solution from managed communication provider, Foehn. Like many SMEs, Marketingmoves’ private branch exchange (PBX) maintenance contract automatically-renewed each year without notice. Whilst Ofcom has investigated and ruled against the use of Automatically Renewable Contracts (ARCs) – also known as rollover contracts – for network services in 2011, there are currently no restrictions for network connected equipment, such as PBXs.

The Challenge

Melvin Day, director of Marketingmoves said: “It’s a highly competitive industry we operate in, so we must have cutting edge communications to remain ahead of our competition. Unfortunately with our Meridian PBX from BT this was no longer the case. We were locked into a maintenance contract that automatically renewed and it made it very difficult for us to upgrade. Foehn approached us and were not only able to find new ways of working by upgrading our system, but also reduced our call costs to such an extent that we had a solid business case to pay out the remaining period of our maintenance agreement with BT. It means we are better able to compete and are a more profitable organisation as a result.”

The Solution

Matt Pitt, sales director at Foehn said:”In the current economic climate, businesses need to look at every cost critically so it’s not fair that companies like Marketingmoves are being tied into auto-renewing contracts. We specialise in using technology to help our customers compete more effectively and can usually reduce their operating costs at the same time. Mobile and location independent working are just two ways we were able to assist Marketingmoves.”

Pitt added: “By hosting PBX functionality in the cloud, Foehn are able to deliver cutting edge services to customers without the need for expense on-site hardware. This means an upgrade without deploying additional capital, new services without investment risk, and a platform that is by design resilient and able to help Marketingmoves in the event of a local disaster.”

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