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Foehn Connectivity

We provide a selection of business grade connectivity services, including Leased Lines, EFM, GEA, FTTC and ADSL circuits.

Business Grade Connectivity

All of our data services are connected to our voice network ensuring an on net service can be provided with end to end monitoring and management.

GEA, EFM and Leased Lines are most appropriate for voice services as these are uncontended and can have Quality of Service (QoS) applied. These services can be purchased alongside our ‘Connected’ Cloud Phone System and Cloud Call Centre pricing package.






On net service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Typical bandwidths available Up 1.4 – 3.3Mb

Down 4 – 24Mb

Up 10Mb – 10Mb

Down 40MB – 80Mb

10/20Mb Sync 2mb to 35Mb 10Mb to 1Gb
Managed router included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quality of Service No No Yes Yes Yes
Available everywhere Yes Subject to postcode Subject to postcode Subject to postcode Yes
Typical lead times 10 working days 10 working days 20 working days 15 working days 60-90 working days

Generic Ethernet Access

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) is a highly cost effective form of connectivity for businesses looking for a lower price Ethernet alternative to a traditional leased line or EFM, providing a synchronous and uncontended service when predictability and reliability is important.

Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) provides high performance, business grade connectivity using bonded copper wires to deliver a fast, reliable service for business critical applications such as voice, video and cloud services. EFM delivers the identical upload and download speeds needed to support VoIP and hosted solutions and is ideal for businesses that are looking for greater bandwidth than standard broadband but don’t want the cost and commitment of high speed full fibre Ethernet.

Leased Lines

Ethernet fibre leased line solutions provide dedicated, high bandwidth guaranteed connectivity that will support busy networks, large data transfers and multimedia applications. With speeds up to 1Gbps, fibre based solutions are fast, reliable, scalable and easily managed. Leased lines provide uncapped and uncontended full traffic and bandwidth control with QoS options.

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