Are your employees overwhelmed by their communications?

Those of you that visit our site regularly will have noticed a common theme popping up over recent months – the need for ease-of-use and improved user experience in cloud communications. Here’s one of our blogs and here’s an article by our CTO, James Passingham, who explains how IT complexity is posing a threat to employee productivity, particularly amongst cloud communications solutions. Our clients remind us, regularly, that simple, integrated and intuitive communications design is paramount and that the quality of user experience has to come first – it’s a pre-requisite that dictates customer experience.

None the less, communications vendors continue to bombard the market with new tools and features that bring new layers of complexity. Within this highly charged, competitive environment, it can feel like we’re the only developer on the mission to keep communications simple. Thankfully, though, our clients tell us otherwise, and that’s what really counts. It’s also reassuring to see independent research supporting our cause.  The most recent example comes from a survey of communications in the workplace. The headline findings speak for themselves:

– 25% of businesses indicated they actively use five or more communications solutions – email, chat apps, VoIP, video conferencing, etc.

– 24% of IT decision makers report employees in their organization are overwhelmed by the number of communications solutions available to them.

The survey goes on to point out that, from a list of the 8 most important criteria for selecting communications solutions, ‘Reliability’ came top. But it was significant that second and third places were taken by requirements involving ease-of-use.  Of those surveyed:

– 91% rated ‘User Friendly’ as critical or important

– 87% rated ‘Simple to manage’ as critical or important

As for a solution to complexity, the research finds that 41% of IT decision makers would prefer an all-encompassing suite of communications instead of using multiple, piecemeal solutions. We agree, and it’s a finding that resonates with the design of our phone, collaboration and contact centre solutions, all delivered from our Voxivo platform.

Complexity and collaboration overload are a growing risk to business productivity. When communications are a pleasure to use, employee productivity soars and customers are happier. It’s common sense and it’s something that more developers of cloud communications should acknowledge.

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More about the author
James Passingham

James Passingham is the leader and founder of Foehn Ltd., a cloud-first, cloud-only business delivering technology innovation and service excellence in both the hosted telephony and cloud contact centre markets. With James at the helm Foehn has grown into a £10m business from it’s inception in 2000. As a technology leader James is recognised for this ability to drive a highly innovative yet pragmatic vision through to delivery. His commitment to intuitive, open and easy to use platforms with the Voxivo brand is the foundation of Foehn’s success.