Why You Should Be Switching to a VoIP Phone System

Don’t get left behind – Switch to VoIP today!

By 2025, BT hope to have completed the phase out of all ISDN and PSTN services, meaning businesses still using these lines will have to migrate to a VoIP solution within the next 6 years. If you are on an ISDN or PSTN line, moving to VoIP should be made a priority for your business.

The BT ISDN & PSTN switch off marks a new evolution of Cloud Technology

ISDN was introduced in the 1980’s. It allowed voice and data services to be delivered simultaneously.

Nearly 40 years later, we’re now well into the 21st century and technology has progressed rapidly. The old telephone solutions are falling behind the curve in an increasingly fast paced digital world where everything is moving to the Cloud.

You’re probably already familiar with the idea of using the internet to make phone calls. Services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, FaceTime and Skype all use an internet connection to make calls. Making phone calls over the internet is now the new ‘normal’.

How to Prepare for the BT ISDN Switch Off

If you currently have a traditional ISDN/PSTN based telephone system, now is a good time to investigate an alternative. Although 2025 is still a few years away, it’s best to plan ahead as you may find you want to migrate sooner after finding out all of the benefits of an ‘IP’ based system.

IP (Internet Protocol) telephony has been around for a while and many businesses have already benefited from the technology. Eventually all phone lines will be replaced by IP technology. Here’s some of the main business benefits of using a VoIP phone system:

  1. It’s affordable & cost effective

There’s no need for masses of onsite equipment so there are no capital costs associated with a VoIP phone system. The cost for servers, maintenance and upgrades are eliminated. You only pay for the users you need. Calls are made through internet lines, so the cost is low.

  1. Flexibility – work from anywhere

As calls are made through the internet, you do not need to be sat at your desk to make them. A VoIP phone system gives you the flexibility to make calls from anywhere.

  1. Easy setup & maintenance

Because there is so little on site equipment, setting up and maintaining the system is a much simpler job than with a traditional telephone system. Most of the implementation can be done remotely. Foehn’s platforms allow you to make changes yourself via the online portal.

  1. Scalability

The flexibility of the technology allows you to easily add and remove users as you scale up or down.

  1. Feature rich

There are many features that come with VoIP phone systems, such as call forwarding, mobile twinning, call routing, call recording, conferencing, auto attendant and many more!

How can Foehn help?

With nearly 20 years’ experience, here at Foehn, we specialise in delivering hosted VoIP Phone systems and deploying contact centre systems.  With the help of our experts, we can ensure you are prepared for the BT ISDN switch off with plenty of time to spare.

We continually challenge ourselves to solve problems and build better cloud communications to help you work smarter. By combining our own technology, with uncompromising design principles, we can deliver truly intuitive communications products.

Regardless of your needs, our experienced team can help you reduce the challenges and costs of moving to a new generation of VoIP communications products.


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James Passingham

James Passingham is the leader and founder of Foehn Ltd., a cloud-first, cloud-only business delivering technology innovation and service excellence in both the hosted telephony and cloud contact centre markets. With James at the helm Foehn has grown into a £10m business from it’s inception in 2000. As a technology leader James is recognised for this ability to drive a highly innovative yet pragmatic vision through to delivery. His commitment to intuitive, open and easy to use platforms with the Voxivo brand is the foundation of Foehn’s success.