Kiwi PureCloud Contact Centre

Kiwi PureCloud Contact Centre

Case study: PureCloud Contact Centre solution

Kiwi is an online travel agency with one simple aim – to revolutionise global travel by making it simple and accessible to everyone. Judging by business performance, Kiwi is well on the way to achieving this objective.

Over a short period of six years, Kiwi has grown rapidly into an organisation of 1500 employees based across the world. With revenues growing at an astonishing rate of 25% per annum, Kiwi was named the fastest-growing technology company in Central Europe by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Central Europe during 2017

Finding the right partner that could keep up with the growth rate

Based in Brno in the Czech Republic, Kiwi’s success has been built around a ‘Global, millennial culture with a Czech twist’, according to Chief Customer Officer, Kamil Jagodzinski. With a positive desire to be unconventional, Kiwi’s approach to business is innovative, creative and disruptive. This philosophy was central to setting requirements for a new contact centre solution and an important factor in their decision to employ Foehn for deployment of the market-leading Genesys PureCloud contact centre system. With an award for Genesys PureCloud Partner of the Year, plus some 20 years’ experience of cloud communications deployment, Foehn had the expertise Kiwi was seeking.

From the outset, Kiwi recognised they needed the skills and experience of a partner that could understand their business goals and map these demands onto the contact centre design. Equally, Kiwi accepted that, as a young company with a philosophy of innovation, they needed the advice and guidance of a partner that could deliver implementation and support with a proactive approach to providing new ideas and suggestions for improvement of the system over time.

Having scored Foehn high on all counts, and impressed by a competitive pricing model, Kiwi entrusted Foehn to provide the deployment skills and technical support necessary to fulfil their critical plans for enhanced customer experience and improved agent productivity.

Putting PureCloud to work with Foehn

Foehn’s immediate challenge was to improve customer support skills in the quest for first-contact resolution and efficiency gains, a task made complex by the wide choice of airlines and numerous destinations available to customers and, consequently, the vast range of different customer interactions faced by the agent.

Fundamental to this task was the need for performance reporting and data analytics. The legacy platform had difficulties in tracking essential metrics such as average handling time, cycle time, agent productivity and customer response data. With PureCloud, all of this information, and more, is easily accessed and simple to present in a single report on a daily basis.

Furthermore, real-time data allows managers to pull reports and monitor performance instantly, at any time of day, without relying on analysts to provide support. This means team managers can reconfigure contact centre features, such as queuing, call routing and IVR, to suit changing requirements and fine-tune performance.

Data analytics are also used to measure agent performance and their strengths, for the purpose of skilled-based routing. By connecting the system’s smart IVR capability with agents skilled in given areas, customers can be directed to the agent with the specific knowledge and experience to deal with their call. In addition to improved queue management and a better customer experience, this delivers significant improvements in agent performance and productivity.

With user-friendly functionality and intuitive design of the user interface, PureCloud has been adopted quickly by the Kiwi agents who have found that the simplicity of the system allows them to multi-task and raise their personal productivity. Simple training, taking less than a day, has been sufficient for agents to use the system confidently, whereas the operation of the old system took over a week to learn.

The value of consistent support from Foehn experts

Throughout the project, Foehn has been instrumental in helping to build and maintain the system around Kiwi’s changing business needs and processes. Having ensured the right system specification from the start, Foehn has been at hand to adapt the solution, often in short timescales.

Thomas Knox, Kiwi Releases and Innovations Manager, explains: “We had to get a company that had stability but at the same time was able to make the adjustments for us, as needed, on the fly.”

“In the end Foehn was the logical choice. We needed a partner that was going to keep up with our growth as well as keep up with the innovative style at Kiwi.”

“They honestly kept up at all points. They led us through, they even gave us suggestions that we wouldn’t have thought of in the past.”

Similarly, Kiwi Operations Manager, Luke Paltridge stresses the importance of consistent quality of support over time: “When it comes to implementing ideas and executing ideas the thing about Foehn is they can help us through this process. The support they provide is optimal for what we need. Having someone there who can do that consistently over time is something that we really value.”


Since completion of deployment of the system with Foehn’s help, Kiwi’s year on year revenues have doubled, agent productivity has risen but, surprisingly, costs have remained stable. Thomas Knox explains that this is no coincidence:

“Since implementing PureCloud, with Foehn’s support, even though our growth has been doubling year on year, we’ve actually kept our costs stable for the past year. It’s inconceivable that it’s possible, but we’ve actually been able to implement projects that have reduced our agent handling time by so much that we’re able to serve more customers than we could previously.”

In the future, Kiwi’s sights are set on more automation of contact centre processes. By enlisting Foehn’s guidance to analyse IVR responses and call data, it is anticipated that simpler customer calls will be handled by automated processes, leaving agents to deal with more complex customer issues, giving the time and human service they need.

According to Kamil Jagodzinski, the future success of Kiwi’s customer support will rely on service reliability to meet customer expectations, connectivity to meet growth across the world and Foehn’s guidance to help along the way:

“I think what is important for us in the future, since we are a very young company, is advisory and consultancy services from you guys to help us grow and help us learn.”