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Unified Communications

Take advantage of Foehn Unified Communications for greater productivity and customer engagement.

What is Unified Communications (UC) ?

Unified Communications (UC) refers to a phone system that integrates (or “unifies”) multiple communication methods within a business

Examples of this include everything you might associate with unified communications systems such as phone calls, email, SMS, presence, chat messaging and video conferencing.

When these functions work together in unified system it makes your business more efficient. So a Unified Communication system is a great option for growing businesses who need to talk to others on multiple channels.

Foehn - buyer's guide to voxivo cloud phone system
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Learn about the benefits of Unified Communications

A Unified Communications solution combines several features, including:

  • Business VoIP Phone System
  • Voicemail
  • Instant message
  • Chat
  • Conference call bridge
  • IVR
  • Email
  • Web applications
  • Business process integrations, such as CRM systems integrations

With Foehn’s Unified Communications, all of your methods of communication can be under one roof. We can show you how your business can work smarter for you and increase your productivity.

The Benefits of UC

Unified Communications offers a competitive advantage with agility, business productivity and efficiency. Many businesses are choosing Unified Communication solutions over standard VoIP or onsite PBX systems to help accomplish greater employee productivity and improve customer engagement.

Because Foehn have built their solutions on Open Source Asterisk foundations, this proves many advantages such as cost savings and an effective way to future-proof your investement in a rapidly evolving technology environment.

The main benefits of Unified Communications from Foehn:

unified communications time

Improved efficiency

unified communications price

Reduced costs

unififed communications features

Increased productivity

unified communications customers

Better customer engagement

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